While the left is still lying about the President, there are people who really know what is going on.

Now why wouldn’t you listen to this doctor who is curing people with Coronavirus. Because this doesn’t fit Pelosi’s narrative.

Broad approval for Trump’s handling of coronavirus and race relations:

President Donald Trump has done a fantastic job handling the coronavirus even with the left and CDC trying to cripple his every move. We must remember the left’s Pelosi with Dr. Fauci gave millions of dollars of taxpayer funds to Wuhan lab to build this virus. Was Pelosi working with China to cause this world upheaval for One World Order and wealth distribution?

Pelosi and her Democrats are using race relations, as usual, to stir their bean pot.

Then Pelosi and Black Lives Matters/Antifa followed with protesters using the George Floyd murder as an excuse to destroy, loot, and burn cities and are now being arrested under President Trumps Executive Order.

Pelosi has not given any praise to the Police for working the problem – only giving them a hard time and urging the defunding of the Police so that the cities can give that money to the democrats for candidates running for office and the rest for corruption.


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