What you see is the problem – Democrats working against the Constitution.

These two old folks (Biden and Pelosi) continue beating their gums with their “wordsmith” and always end up on the same page – just spinning “Obama’s words” – WE ARE GOING TO TRANSFORM THIS COUNTRY. Biden said that yesterday. Isn’t that what we heard from Obama five days before the election years ago?

Don’t forget Biden was part of the Obama coup which is treason and is not eligible to run for office since he is under investigation for the coup, plus the Ukraine corruption?

They had eight years of transforming, plus a coup, and look where we ended when Prez Trump won the election – Biden and Obama and the has-been Democrats (Black Lives Matter/Antifa) now fighting ghosts (statues). Look what they did during their time in office. Instead of helping black people they rolled in muslims and covered up the black people – 17 muslim czars.

Just think – if they are elected what they will do to us this time. They will pull out those rugs with bugs crawling all over the place after being in storage for four years. Right now with all of the BLM’s and Antifa tearing up the cities, they are preparing them to look like Iraq and Chiraque (Chicago) in order to make them feel like they are BACK HOME – with chaos and windowless-window cities – looking like a battlefield.

Seems I recall Obama stated one time, he was going to make this country look like Iraq to give us a taste of what his countrymen have to live with.

Are we going to allow that PUNK to take our Constitution down? It is time to stand for something or we won’t stand for anything.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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