If you visit Greece, be sure and visit the ancient Olympic stadium and visit the “Cheaters Row” statues. These statues show the cheaters names and their relatives.

The citizens of our great country need to set up a CHEATERS PARK and install statues of government officials/citizens who are caught cheating, including these protesters. It would bring in a lot of money to pay off the debt.

Then I could better understand why BLM and the Democrats would want them removed. BLM/ANTIFA (terrorists) cannot prove they know the history of the statues they are destroying and the reason.

History and Culture

References to legendary instances of cheating have survived the centuries. A scene of a wrestler attempting to gouge the eyes of an opponent and bite him simultaneously, with an official poised to hit the double-offender with a stick or a rod, graces the side of a cup from roughly 490 B.C.

In Greece today, pedestals that once held great statues still line pathways that led to ancient stadiums. But these were not statues that heralded athletic feats, rather they served as reminders of athletes and coaches who cheated. According to Patrick Hunt, a professor of archaeology at Stanford University, these monuments were funded by levies placed on athletes or on the city-states themselves by the ancient Olympic Council.


Since Pelosi/Democrats are the leaders of BLM/ANTIFA, the costs for the protesting and all statues destroyed should require replacement and make the DEMOCRATS pay for the clean-up and replacement and jail sentences which includes Pelosi Democrats/Soros who are the enablers and supporting them.


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