The following is very disturbing. The University of Texas is right under the nose of our capital government and to think this is going on. Why is it that politicians all over the U.S. in all colleges aren’t calling out the teaching of Socialism? We send taxpayer money to all of these colleges. Why aren’t these professors teaching both sides of the coin – capitalism and socialism – instead of dwelling on socialism?

Why: Because the socialist professors will not allow conservative professors to be hired. Plain and simple and this has to stop. This is discrimination.

This POLITICALLY CORRECTNESS is evil and needs to be settled once and for all. Our politicians are not doing their job. We are continuing to bring in foreigners but are not teaching the basics which is assimilating them on the history of this country and it starts in the educational system. Our kids current mentality is being built on socialism. They have not been taught the basics 3 R’s or history of our country since Clinton’s modern math was inserted into the curriculum.

The Chancellor of UT needs to address this to the people of Texas and all other colleges need to address it to the U.S. It is sickening to continue to see the educational system spitting out all of these kids who can’t even pass a test to get a job. These colleges/educational systems and the Teachers Union in general need to be held accountable for the deliberate “dumbing down” of our students. NOW! Enough is enough. The Teachers Union (the arm of the Democratic Party) and the educational system have to be held accountable.

The problems are the endowments at the college level are the problem. They need to be investigated.

It is time for State government to do their job since the state is giving UT taxpayer money.

This is sickening!


Received from my University of Texas friend who lives in the shadows of the Tower!

Sent: Thursday, July 2, 2020 12:55 PM

Subject: Revolution

Wow. Just when you hoped it would all settle down, and we’d live long enough to get past both COVID-19 and the political unrest. A friend sent me the link to the 2nd article below, and since it referenced UT Austin, I took the time to read more.

            It’s not just UT Austin. There are plenty of colleges and universities in this country that would be fertile ground for some of this way of thinking. Austin is a perfect target for this

            My isolation from the media, has made me more peaceful, but perhaps I’m not paying attention to something that I need to pay attention to.

            Scary stuff for me and thanks to the internet, my Grandchildren will get exposed to this enlightened crowd

            I had no idea this type of stuff was going on.

A Friend sent me a link to the 2nd article written by Lauren Comele Morris. I am copying the link to her website.


When you make time, you should at least read 2 articles:

Maoist Red Guards and The University of Texas


Who Killed Austin, Texas? The Live Music Capitol of the World Yields to A Communist Revolution June 28,2020



We cannot wait for the politicians, they knew this was going on. Citizens must stand up to stop the slaughtering of our statues by these thugs. The next question is – when will these same thugs take down MLK statues? Sooner or later they will go for that statue. It is just a matter of time – he will be standing in their way.


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  1. This didn’t just start happening yesterday. I graduated from Missouri Southern State University in 1974 with a major in Political Science. My poly sci professors/instructors were extremely liberal, despite being in a region of Missouri (south/south west Missouri) that was and still is heavily Republican. It was during the Nixon era and Watergate, so you can only imagine the daily ridicule these Democratic/liberals tossed out. I could see the hypocrisy even back then. They seldom taught from books, mostly their own beliefs. Much time was spent on the Watergate discussion, with total avoidance of the Democrats own misguided politics and political figures. They thought they were the almighty.


    • We have been calling this out for years and our governors who control money for the state’s colleges have not called out the discrimination against the conservative professors. It is not too late, Governor Abbott, to put this on the front burner and stop these socialist professors by hiring more conservative professors and stop this discrimination and investigate why this socialism can’t be equalized with capitalism.


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