Today, July 4, 2020, the birthday of our country, the song I am dedicating to you is:

My Hit Parade: Coming to America By Neil Diamond.

Another version:

This past Sunday, NASA legend Buzz Aldrin spoke:

Every morning, I rise and hoist my American flag on my balcony. Old Glory serves as a welcome reminder that we’re always striving to become a more perfect union. Today and every day, let us remember all the men and women who’ve fought valiantly to defend it.

#flagday2020 pic.twitter.com/nTUx8b3P7x

NBA’s Popovich: ‘The Flag Is Irrelevant. It’s Just A …


After people become wealthy they seem to forget and don’t have time for their roots and God. But, they also forget they still have to “meet the maker” one of these days and then he will experience how brave he was at that time.

Popovich is boasting because he thinks that will make the blacks like him more. As Popovich said, it is all about politics – which means he is included in the mix by speaking out.

There is a lot of difference in someone who has fought the good fight and others who are fighting against our country with their unfurling thoughts and have not been put to the test of protecting our country with their lives. So all of you, Neanderthas, who tell us our flag is irrelevant while making millions off those who have fought for your right to speak those words, “irrelevant,” are a disgrace to our country and are a terrible example to our young people. All of you know who you are!

By the way, Pop, don’t forget to raise your flag!


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