When is Maxine Waters going to stop thinking like Pelosi and think like a black person and help her people. She keeps picking up that “politically correct” piece of “shit” that Pelosi keeps stirring? How many more 150 years is it going to take to convince Waters that we only want a share of the pie, not like Waters – she wants the whole damn pie.

If you take 13% of the population of black folks and divide that pie among all of the population – black, browns, and whites – she only gets her share. As a usual democrat, Waters is being greedy she wants 100% and to hell with the rest of the folks. Watching her being the chair of her committee on CSPAN, she didn’t even know the parliamentary procedures to follow in holding a meeting. That was like sending a sheep out for slaughter. That is Pelosi’s fault for not giving her proper training.

And then, Senator Kaine told those Democrats in that black church that he was going to put them in charge, just as soon as he could to punish those white folks since they caused slavery – forgetting that he is white. They are trying to fool us again like they did with Obama, after Brennan cauterized his birth certificate and changed Kenya to Hawaii.

Can you believe the Democrats fooled all of those people in voting for Obama. Just look at our debt when Obama left – he left us low and dry. On top of that, how much money did those Democrats skim off the top. When they left there was no top.

Democrats have to learn how to run a city before they can run a country. Their road map hasn’t been very good so far with New York, NY; Seattle, Washington; Houston, TX;, Chicago, Illinois; Ferguson, MO; and Baltimore, MD. The Democrats keep burning down the damn town when it gets dirty so the people will have to give them a new town. Pelosi forgets to train them how to run a railroad.

Black people have always been a part of my life at home and at work and I know they can learn just like white folks; but, you have to have qualified teachers and the black people willing to do their part. Hate is their worst enemy.

The teachers’ union is the U.S.’s enemy and is an arm of the Democratic Party.

The first order of business is learn the 3 R’s, learn how to print and write and then you have the whole world in your hands. Then you get to make the decisions with your life not be indebted to the Pelosi’s of the world.

Pelosi is livin’ in tall cotton and the blacks are still the slaves of the Democratic Party – pickin’ it for her. Their brains just can’t seem to comprehend that for some reason.


The Patriot Source



CRAZY Maxine Waters Claim Trumps Will Force Black People to “Live Under the Domination of White People”

(ThePatriotSource.com)- After almost four years as president of the United States, Donald Trump still hasn’t implemented the insane racist policies the Democrats claimed he would. There have been no concentration camps for non-white people and homosexuals, there have been no anti-black policies…just record-breaking non-white employment and a booming economy.

Despite this, they’re doubling down again in the run-up to the November election, knowing very well that their lies are powerful enough to scare huge sections of the electorate.

California congresswoman Maxine Waters told MSNBC on Sunday that she thinks President Donald Trump wants black people to “live under the domination of white people,” referencing a video retweeted by President Trump. The video showed senior citizens in Florida counter-protesting against far-left radicals. One man in the video can faintly be heard shouting “white power” and when the president was alerted to it, he removed the tweet.

The fact that the president removed the tweet after learning of the comment would be evidence enough to normal people that he doesn’t support it, but Maxine Waters and other far-left Democrats jumped on it.

Anchor Alex Witt reference the tweet having being deleted, and that the White House confirmed the president didn’t hear the offending statement.

“Do you think the president was willfully pushing an agenda, or would he be unaware of what is being said there eight seconds into the video?” Witt asked.

“Well, you know, we have learned a lot about this president,” Water said. “And so it’s not believable what he said he did not hear it.”

Really? Why? When has President Trump ever said he doesn’t like black people?

“Not only blacks but all Americans should be concerned that this outpouring of racism and talks of killing and violence is not good for this country,” she continued. “So this country cannot progress as long as this president is in office and basically dog-whistling to this kind of constituency and having them feel it is all right.”

Waters went on to say that Trump is “talking about whites being in total power, and total control and blacks and people of color and others are having to live under the domination of white power as they see it.”

Beyond accidentally retweeting something that contained a statement the president didn’t hear, Waters didn’t give any evidence that the president thinks black people should live under the domination of white power.



Again, Pelosi is livin’ in tall cotton and the blacks are still the slaves of the Democratic Party – pickin’ it for her. Their brains just can’t seem to comprehend that for some reason.

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