When a divorce occurs both sides blame the other. This is where we are after Bush I, as a mob figure, conducted a throat cut on our candidate President. All of America were flabbergasted on the indignation put on the GOP. Before the 2016 election, Barbara Bush embellished the fact the bulk of them would be voting for Hillary Clinton against candidate Trump because “Bill was her son in another life.” Weird excuse? It was really ALL ABOUT MONEY, FOLKS!

It is a good thing because sooner or later the public will find out “who really was the cause of 9/11 ‘ whereby her real son, Bush II, was responsible for the country – which was questionable – why did he arrange for planes to fly out the Saudi kingdom as the first matter of importance?

My only reply is: GOOD RIDDANCE. Reviewing history during his administration proves he was working with the Democrats at that time. Plain and simple.

This group of people who are backing Biden are members of the One World Order and Wealth Distribution and don’t give a damn about America – they are only trying to destroy it since they have all the money they need.

There motto is COUNTRY BEFORE PARTY. Sure, I believe that that like I believe that ice cream won’t melt if it isn’t in the freezer.

Why are they making this statement – They are trying to help Senator Tim Kaine’s (D) remarks: Whites should be punished and become the minority. One and one equals two. Elect Biden and a minority candidate. Biden slips on a banana peel and there you have – a minority is in charge. Then we all end up like Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Houston, and Los Angeles with everything going to “hell” in a hand basket. “There is truth in that pudding.”

Plain and simple. The un-elected UN and the One World come into play and everything falls apart.

What has the Democrats accomplished since they were the history is pockmarked with racism and terror (look at us right now). The Democrats were the part of slavery, black codes, Jim Crow, and that terrorist excrescene, the Ku Klux Klan while the Republicans were the part of Lincoln, Reconstruction, anti-lynching laws, and the civil rights acts of 1875, 1957, 1960, and 1964.

As recently as 2010, the Senate’s president pro tempore was former Ku Klux Klan Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd (Democrat) who is deceased.

Were all Republicans models of rectitude on racial matters? Hardly, Were they a heck of a lot better than the Democrats. Without question.

In the end, these people who are voting against President Trump now are the same ones in the last paragraph “who were not Republican models of rectitude on racial matters and lied to the people all of those years and are now showing their true color – which is YELLOW!

What is unforgivable is the way Democrats are still using race to foment hatred and these never Trumper’s are part of that sphere.



Exclusive: Hundreds of George W. Bush administration officials to back Biden, group says

By Tim Reid

Reuters logo Exclusive: Hundreds of George W. Bush administration officials to back Biden, group says

By Tim Reid

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Hundreds of officials who worked for former Republican President George W. Bush are set to endorse Democratic White House hopeful Joe Biden, people involved in the effort said, the latest Republican-led group coming out to oppose the re-election of Donald Trump.

The officials, who include Cabinet secretaries and other senior people in the Bush administration, have formed a political action committee – 43 Alumni for Biden – to support the former vice president in his Nov. 3 race, three organizers of the group told Reuters. Bush was the country’s 43rd president.

The Super PAC will launch on Wednesday with a website and Facebook page, they said. It plans to release “testimonial videos” praising Biden from high-profile Republicans and will hold get-out-the-vote efforts in the most competitive states.

(That was then, folks, this is now, the present tense. He should be in a “home” now – not running for the highest office in the land. These Republicans should be ashamed of themselves trying to fool the people – even now.)

The group is the latest of a number of Republican organizations opposing Trump’s re-election, yet another sign that he has alienated some in his own party, most recently with his response to the coronavirus pandemic and nationwide protests over racial injustice and police brutality against Black Americans.

(All Democrat talking points, lies, and jelly beans.)

“We know what is normal and what is abnormal, and what we are seeing is highly abnormal. The president is a danger,” said Jennifer Millikin, one of the 43 Alumni organizers, who worked on Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign and later in the General Services Administration.

(Millikin states, President Trump is a danger. Sure he is to them, because he came to Washington to change the status quo which is for them to lie, cheat, and steal from the people. The people in Congress are so dumb they can’t even write a bill. They pay the lobbyist to write their bills while they sit back and lie to the people. All they do is vote for what the speaker tells them – which is socialism. Millikin is for socialism. Really, a person who is supposed to be a conservative?)

The other two members who spoke to Reuters are Karen Kirksey and Kristopher Purcell. Purcell worked as a communication official in the Bush White House. Kirksey was on the Bush 2000 campaign, and later in the Agriculture and Labor Departments.

Millikin said the group was not yet ready to name all its members or its donors. It has to provide a list of initial donors to the Federal Election Commission by October.

Bush’s office has been informed about the group, but the former president is not involved and has not indicated if he approves of its aims, she said.

Freddy Ford, a spokesman for Bush, said Bush had retired “and won’t be wading into this election.”

Bush, who is still admired by many moderate Republicans, won praise for saying the May 25 death in Minneapolis of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, in police custody reflected a “shocking failure”, and urged that protesters be heard.

(Whose failure – the Democrats’ coup.)

Earlier, he released a video calling for Americans to unite in the face of the pandemic.


Despite policy differences with Biden, “hundreds” of former Bush officials believe the Democrat has the integrity to meet America’s challenges, the 43 Alumni members said.

“This November, we are choosing country over party,” said Purcell. “We believe that a Biden administration will adhere to the rule of law… and restore dignity and integrity to the White House.”

“We really have had overwhelming support for our efforts,” Kirksey said.

As a Super PAC, the group’s members are forbidden by law from working with or communicating with the Biden campaign, but can raise unlimited amounts of money and run ads or hold events to support the candidate.

The Biden campaign declined to comment.

Erin Perrine, a Trump campaign spokeswoman, said of 43 Alumni for Biden: “This is the swamp – yet again – trying to take down the duly elected President of the United States.”

Dozens of Republican former national security officials are set to back Biden, claiming that Trump is a threat to U.S. security, people involved in the effort told Reuters.

Trump has also drawn sharp criticism from retired military leaders over his apparent attempts to involve the armed forces in efforts to quell the anti-racism protests.

Other Republican groups opposing his re-election include the Lincoln Project, co-founded by George Conway, husband of Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Trump has expressed contempt for Republican and conservative figures who oppose him, saying on Twitter that “Never Trumper” Republicans are “human scum.”

(It is hard to believe that these people who fooled the American people with fake Republican candidates, Romney and McCain who had no intentions of winning in order for Obama to win and who are still following a black man called Obama who then fooled the American people. Who failed and conducted a coup which failed and now Obama is being investigated.

(This is all part of the experiment of putting blacks into a white environment and see if they can make it work or FORCE IT TO WORK.)


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