June 30, 2020 p.m.

,Office of the DNI
Statement by DNI Ratcliffe: “I have confirmed that neither the President nor the Vice President were ever briefed on any intelligence alleged by the New York Times in its reporting yesterday.” (1/2)

June 30, 2020 a.m.

TAG: NSA differed from CIA – others – On Russia bounty intelligence.

First, we must establish that the fake news (NYT) is part of the mob cartel and then the U.S. intelligence bureaus – CIA during Brennan’s tenure were “couping” with Obama/Biden. Has it changed into a reputable organization since he was kicked out? Now, it is necessary for you to decide which side you are on. I am on the Constitution and President Trump’s side.

FAIR AND BALANCED! And then you have this to contend with:

Does it make a difference – the subject hasn’t been verified? The most important thing is to find out who the leaker is. Whoever it is – is trying to start a “Democrat ring around the thorn rose bush which is the Russia/Russia crap.” Instead of broadcasting this over the world by the NYT, find out who the leaker is, first, since he released classified information which is a crime – and then run him through the washer to see who paid him for the information?

As far as the CIA and FBI – they do not have any credibility at this point because the are still licking Biden/Obama’s butt. Solving a crime is not their forte’.

Guess you must let the FBI take over and have a hand’s smell test. But, you better hold your breath. I would start with Pelosi/Schumer. Remember that group hasn’t received their credibility certificate, yet. So, you know how that is going to end since they are still lickin’ butt. They still think they are in Russia doing their Clinton email investigation.

Oh! Hum! just another Democrat piece of sh** which they picked up on the wrong end.

Remember, I told you to hold your breath.


The Wall Street Journal.

NSA Differed From CIA, Others on Russia Bounty Intelligence

Gordon Lubold, Warren P. Strobel


WASHINGTON—The National Security Agency strongly dissented from other intelligence agencies’ assessment that Russia paid bounties for the killing of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, according to people familiar with the matter.

(Maybe they are the honest ones?)

The disclosure of the dissent by the NSA, which specializes in electronic eavesdropping, comes as the White House has played down the revelations, saying that the information wasn’t verified and that intelligence officials didn’t agree on it.

Because of that, President Trump was never personally briefed on the threat, the White House said, although a key lawmaker said the information apparently was included in written intelligence materials prepared for Mr. Trump.

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The people familiar with the dissent by the NSA either declined or were unable to say why the agency differed from others—including the Central Intelligence Agency—about the strength of the intelligence showing operatives with Russia’s GRU intelligence agency paid bounties to the insurgent Taliban movement to kill Americans.

In the nuanced practice of intelligence analysis, which involves piecing together sometimes incomplete and ambiguous bits of data, such disagreements aren’t unusual, and sometimes stem from institutional differences, experts and former officials have said.

The NSA focuses on electronic eavesdropping, mining intercepted phone conversations, texts and emails, and other electronic signals. The CIA’s role is human intelligence, which on battlefields such as Afghanistan often means interrogation of enemy detainees.

The NSA in the past has been more conservative than other U.S. intelligence agencies in its analysis of high-profile intelligence matters involving Russia. A January 2017 intelligence community assessment of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, ordered by then-outgoing President Obama, stated that while the CIA and Federal Bureau of Investigation had “high confidence” that Russian President Vladimir Putin aspired to help Mr. Trump’s electoral chances, the NSA reported only “moderate confidence” of that finding.

The bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee issued a report in April that concluded the analytic difference between NSA and the other intelligence agencies in that case was “reasonable, transparent, and openly debated among the agencies and analysts, with analysts, managers, and agency heads on both sides of the confidence level reasonably justifying their positions.”

The NSA declined to comment in an email to The Wall Street Journal. The CIA has declined to comment on the issue, aside from a statement late Monday by CIA Director Gina Haspel, in which she decried media leaks and indicated analysis of the threat to U.S. troops is ongoing.

Pentagon officials late Monday said the military was still evaluating intelligence that Russian GRU operatives were engaged in malign activity against the U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan. “To date, DOD has no corroborating evidence to validate the recent allegations found in open-source reports,” the statement said.

The issue has roiled Washington since Friday, with both Republican and Democratic lawmakers demanding briefings on the issue and information on how President Trump and his national security team have handled it. Republicans lawmakers were briefed by the White House on Monday, and a group of Democrats were briefed Tuesday.

While White House officials said Mr. Trump never received an in-person briefing on the reported threat to U.S. troops, information about the intelligence assessment apparently was included in his written daily intelligence briefing, a Republican lawmaker said.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R., Texas) after a White House briefing Monday told NBC News that he thought the intelligence was included in the President’s Daily Brief, often known as the PDB, a collection of highly sensitive intelligence presented to the president each day. “I believe it may have been” in the PDB, he told NBC News Monday.

Mr. McCaul said that intelligence presented to the president generally “has to be credible, actionable intel” and officials were still in the process of vetting the intelligence and “looking at ideas” about how to proceed.

In a separate interview with The Wall Street Journal, Mr. McCaul said one intelligence agency was “strongly dissenting” with another, but he wouldn’t name the agencies at odds or the issues in question.

Following a White House briefing Tuesday, Rep. Adam Smith (D., Wash.), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said White House officials outlined evidence of Russian wrongdoing.

“They did not dispute that there is some intelligence that supports the conclusion,” Mr. Smith said. But they insisted there is other intelligence “that disputes the conclusion,” he said.

“I think there is certainly enough there to pursue it further,” Mr. Smith added. “There is certainly enough there” to factor this into the relationship with Putin and Russia, he said.


Another damn Democrat, (Smith) who can’t even make a decision on how handle his upside down/burned and looted state (WASH) and thinks he is qualified to talk about Russia?

What next – AN IQ TEST!


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  1. I will also say much about Corporations, where the Way should go, not into an unethhical “mutant chronicles” scenario:

    And I DO find it WRONG of Bernie Sanders, to state, Democrats should now “support Biden”. Bernie, so say it I, didn’t stand HIS Ground.

    Whereallfore, more than politically, but personally, Ye art good, a good human Being.

    You lately wrote a nice Article against racism.

    Simply, violence, child abuse and abusive false morals against a mere Polanski, are, what is even done, enabled, by government – by government naivety or, the endeffective same, relatively stark disorganisation: That anyhow naive or even unethical sort of Individuals are in government, is of course not acceptable.

    But surely, Comey, maybe Brennan too, saw in Obama and also in Biden, as We all were first tricked BY Bill Clinton [!], a “hero”, a false hero, as it turns out.

    Simply, Obama meant it good, but didn’t have the exact expertise nor real sort of punkish leftist Friends nor the Stance to HAVE any sort of REAL Left, free Left, under nor really beside Him, actually – He didn’t prevent the strike, murder, against Gadaffi.

    usa slammed, slashed-out AGAIN after iraq war two, after that holocaust against a million mostly civilian Muslims. That was around 2014, 2015, simply.

    I don’t demonize most Soldiers – but the rightwing press back then made a – a ugly, unsmooth, obviously stupid and plain proudly evil – picture of “content happy Soldiers eating”, “celebrating” “the death of gadaffi” or call it “the victory of usa”: of rome, that would be, more than any or what.

    But indeed, Biden would be better, than Trump. To go with Trump at this point, is quite wrong. I say. The Man has done enough as in too much harm namely.

    Under Trump, Southamerica was WRECKED. Trump’s “line” is – like Yours, sadly – too broadly “anti-all-communists”, simply too rough, too general, – He doesn’t see People, as what They are, He has no psychologic nor philosophic Compassion, He is not a Lincoln. Biden ain’t that either. Biden is far from being an innocent Sheep like Assange is and Jesus was.

    Biden was – surely somewhat even rightfully – accused of “sexual harassment”, which can be mere orgies; But if more is to it, a certain abusive psychologic aberrance, incompetence, opressivity, of his, then He’d be a bad President, someone like LBJ, – but I don’t guess, Biden is that.

    But apart of partisanship, Ethicacy must be upheld.

    A Press of bourgeois type is not rightful by focussing on the “Bible Book” “shunned” out of the gov building BY Morales – the same bourgeouis or corporate or rightwing press lied about Morales, He’d have “embezzled”: He, Lula, and Correa, were all innocent. Correa got wrongly accused of “being a rightwinger”, Lula was even tortured, but resurfaced now, starkly criticising against Bolsonaro of Brazil.

    But I have to be a “calm”, wise, BY SILENCE grand Wizard and Morpheus. Also, I get older. I can’t forever be in hysteria, in appallment. But I am not cold.

    It’s like on a Pirate Ship – and Nobody first knows, Who, which Persons on other Ships, are good or not, or also fitting together with Oneself.

    A normal Person nowadays likes gothic (unhomely, dark) type of Music, wants to have a Bandroom where One can smoke and invite other Musicians, have Internet there and heating – but also surely more than merely one Girlfriend. 🙂

    But what, when Discos invited the wrong People – as DJs, who merely played the famous Songs, and not anything special? Then, poor Women malthink of the 80s, that there was “bad music” done there then:

    … When these People simply never, unlike Me since now two decades, had the Knowledge, how to – safely – access Filesharing – how to educate Oneself quite hugely, at Languages, at Music, at Computing, – whoa;

    But instead, most People are malguided by indeed “the media”, – instead of Themselves being in control over what They mentally consume, over what They watch.

    So have I no TV since now 20 years, but am top informed. But BECAUSE I take my time BROWSING deeply down into the WordPress Articles List, to find some good People, some good Leftists, and I merely correct some minor mistakes of Theirs whenever, –

    and I do bemourn both, the facts of many murders reported of course and of any rape, of any sexual coertion (which is, what must end, globally), but also the lack of quality of many Articles on WordPress.

    But alas, there are good Bloggers, who inform, and who have a good Attitude.

    I stand absolutely on your Side, though I have to do with the Democrats, concerning USA. Surely, Parties, Politicians, must be checked, analysed, by the People, so that not a bad Leader gets on top. Trump was insofar indeed a mere “hole-filler”, no hero, no educated Man, simply, evil unintentionally, –

    but more, than You factually describe. 🙂

    But as Bernie was “voted out” somehow, I don’t myself now see in this Biden any sort of hero. oy oy oy. Bernie didn’t know, that I and the WORLD hung on him, on Bernie. “wtf” indeed. Say I “TO” Bernie, this self-looser or what. I can’t say, I’d “trust” Biden any “fully”. So it’s messed up – without my Bernie. !!! All I can say. :\


    • Thank you for your response. When my grand parents came to the U.S. they left a country they felt would never let them achieve what they felt were God-given talents and they did thrive in the U.S. They and we were Democrats until JFK was assassinated. After that we became independents, voting for the person not the party and still do. All I want is freedom of religion and freedom of thought. From what I saw from the last administration it started going in the wrong direction and with the coup, the people had no choice but someone they felt would stick with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and that was Prez Trump. At this moment in time things do not look good as long as law and order do not prevail.


  2. wickedrevs56 says:

    General message, your affinity to post multiple times a day is most irritating!! Blowing up my wickedrevs56@gmail.com is not a credit to your writing skills, quite contrary.
    In so much that you are no longer followed. Goodbye!!


  3. Info is info, few or many. How/why did I blow up your “dot com?” Some days “more than others”


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