KOMMONSENTSJANE – Why Are We Letting Democrats Steal from Us?

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Source:Lauri B. Regan

Democrats’ Robin Hood policies of taking from the rich to give to the poor are imbedded in the DNA of party members and loyalists.From FDR’s New Deal to Johnson’s Great Society,[i]welfare programs were established to support those less fortunate than others.However, since the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, Democrat-led initiatives that were initially designed to assist black Americans are now being recognized as contributing factors to that community’s plight today.[ii]Democrats have utilized these programs as a means to obtain power and subjugate blacksrather than a toolto empower them.

These liberal policy failures have been on full display after weeks of Black Lives Matters protests, riots, and looting, yet leftists are making even more incredible demands under the guise of equality.But what they’re actually doing is continuing their decades-long history of stealing from Americans — our traditions, values, freedoms, property, and security.

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