Republican RINO’S do not deserve any money from my pocket book until they change their voting habits – which is always voting with Democrats.

Republicans who are in charge of vetting candidates AND who select Republicans to be qualified for the ticket need to do a better job of selecting candidates to represent us. For starters, you need to have them take an IQ test and then check their background for – what party did they vote for in their past.

The problem is – if they run and are elected on the Republican ticket and then vote for Democrats during their time in office doesn’t help us one bit.. We keep seeing this over and over. We don’t need RINO’s in our party, i.e., Mitt Romney, who votes with the Democrats. We need real Republicans.

At this period of time, we are all receiving phone calls and messages through the internet for donations to help the campaigns of Democrats and Republicans.

When I click on one of these letters “begging” for money toward their re-election, my first thought is – HOW MANY TIMES AS A REPUBLICIAN HAVE YOU VOTED ON A BILL which helped the “couping” Democrats? Some of them in past bills were:

Utah Sen Mitt Romney is one of the worst Republican voters who always votes with the Democrats – who really is a Democrat. Utah would you please supply us with a REAL Republican?

Utah Sen. Mike Lee, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, Maine Sen. Susan Collins, Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander, Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy, Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and Indiana Sen. Todd Young.

I am sure there are others.

Therefore, if you are on this list please remove me from your “begging” list until you can show me you are a real Republican.


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