KOMMONSENTSJANE – Biden’s Game in Swing States Is Not All There – because there is something missing upstairs.

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Google is interfering with this blog.  They won’t print what I am blogging but only what they want to say. (They added it back.)


The heading should read, “Biden’s game in swing states is  not all there – because he is missing something upstairs.”

For your information.

And, they are stripping my tag in the reference material.


Nwo Report

Hillary, stop Biden your time already and give Joe the VP ...

Source:Veronika Kyrylenko

Joe Biden, who is poised to earn enough delegates to formally secure the Democratic presidential nomination this month, promises to enter the general election campaign on offense in states President Trump won in 2016.

As the nation battles a pandemic, high unemployment, and civil unrest, polls show Biden leading Trump in six critical swing states the latter narrowly carried four years ago: Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Arizona, according toCNBC/Change Research pollconducted in mid-June.Observers note that the battleground advantage polls came shortly after aGallup poll showedthat Trump’s net approval rating had dropped 19 points in one month.

These numbers are surely alarming for Trump-supporters.But there is also some comfort.First of all, we heard all those optimistic predictions for a Democratic candidate not so long ago.Listening to the pundits’ joyful projections, one may experience a keen sense of déjà vu.Same pollsters guaranteed…

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