Five council members who declared their intent to “end” the Minneapolis Police Department earlier this month have authored an ordinance to amend the city charter. They include Jeremiah Ellison, Alondra Cano, Cam Gordon, Steve Fletcher and Council President Lisa Bender.

(People we have to stop electing all of these nurturing women to run our country unless you want to become a “NANNY” country. They are weakening our country.)

The ordinance will be introduced Friday.

If you don’t believe it, see for yourself:

What is the purpose since the Constitution and oath these council members were sworn to was to protect life and property under the Constitution not the Koran?

The information states that these council members want to defund the police in order to take that money and give it to the Democratic Party for their candidates running for office and the rest to fund Black Lives Matter? and Antifa? since they are running short of cash. It costs a lot of cash to bus people around the country and tear up cities as they are presently doing.

The state of Minnesota was established as the forefront of Obama bringing in terrorist Muslims to cause trouble and this is part of that trouble. The next step would be to set up imans to solve people’s problems. We can’t allow that to happen.

If the city of Minni-HA-HA’s council does proceed with this – the first step has to have a city election to put this before the people of the city.

If the city does defund the police then it would be up to the Federal government to fund the police and run it under Federal direction. And, if that doesn’t happen, then the Federal government has to a establish a Federal police dept. We cannot let these Muslims under the Muslim AG of Minni-HA-HA’s organization not follow the Constitution which is happening and must stop.

We have to follow the Constitution of the U.S. as the main focus not what the Muslim AG is following which is the Koran.

Plain and simple!


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