June 20, 2020

The use and abuse of history: Removal of statues means historically rudderless America.

You can’t erase history. Are these people afraid of ghosts?

What did the Confederate soldiers do to the present day society? That war has been fought, ended, and both sides went into their corners and built the U.S. You only have yourself to blame if you didn’t try to stop this display of ignorance.

Why do the blacks and the whites, etc., continue fighting a ghost (statues)? Again, are they that afraid of ghosts? What would happen if certain people wanted to tear down all black statues. You can’t have it both ways. Do these same people burn photos of their relatives who have died?

The bulk of the radical left have been bused in and paid to cause this disruption by the left – Obama/Soros/Pelosi/Schumer.

Why are you blaming the Republicans because your side does not know how to run anything? All of your officials are Democrats and look what they have done to your cities – and you were a part of it and allowed it.

Doesn’t two of the commandments state –

•“I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have any strange gods before Me.”

•This commandment forbids idolatry, the worship of false gods and goddesses, and it excludes polytheism, the belief in many gods, insisting instead on monotheism, the belief in one God …

What’s up Pelosi/Schumer?bid

If you don’t vote for us – you ain’t black per Biden.

The Federalist Papers

Truth About Democrat Run Cities the Media Won’t Report On

By TFPP Writer
Published July 31, 2018 at 8:55am

Conservative activist James Woods tweets a truth about cities run for generation by Democrats that the media refuses to report on.

The fact that every single major city run for any length of time by Democrats has turned into shitholes with large homeless populations and other major issues.

James started by retweeting this salient observation by TPUSA founder and president Charlie Kirk:

He then went on to observe that driving through the country really hammers this point home.

Sadly, accurate!

Cities run by Democrats, like San Francisco have become literal shitholes with streets lined with human feces and discarded syringes.

While liberal run cities like San Francisco are decaying at least politicians in those cities are focused on cleaning up the mess, or not…

San Francisco Looks to BAN Company Sponsored Free Lunches for Employees

Once again proving California is on the forefront of liberal insanity and total government control over everything the city of San Francisco is looking into banning company sponsored free lunches.

The reason why is even more insane than the law itself:

Lavish free lunches are the stuff of Silicon Valley legend, and a treasured perk in the roster of on-campus benefits that tech companies use to lure workers.

But two San Francisco legislators are looking to do away with the practice, saying it hurts local businesses who can’t compete, reports CBS San Francisco.

“We see thousands of employees in a block radius that don’t go out to lunch and don’t go out in support of restaurants every day,” said Ryan Corridor, owner of Corridor, a restaurant blocks from San Francisco’s city hall. “It’s because they don’t have to.”

On the other hand, when Square, a nearby payment processing company, closes its cafeteria every other Friday, Corridor sees such a surge it sometimes has to increase its staffing, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

“You can’t compete with free. Free food is a wonderful amenity but doesn’t do anything to extend the community around it,” said Gwyneth Borden, executive director of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association.

San Francisco Supervisors Ahsha Safai and Aaron Peskin introduced legislation Tuesday prohibiting in-house cafeterias in new office buildings and tech campuses.

They insist the city has the legal right to do this through a zoning amendment using certain planning and public health codes.

“This is the beginning of a conversation,” said Safai. “We think it’s an appropriate conversation to have now.”

This new law would only apply to new companies, not existing companies in the city like Google, Twitter and Levi Strauss & Co

There are currently 51 such employee cafeterias in San Francisco.

Safai painted the measure as a boon to work-life balance. “This is also about a cultural shift,” he told the Chronicle. “We don’t want employees biking or driving into their office, staying there all day long and going home.

This is about getting people out of their office,” he said.


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