KOMMONSENTSJANE – Executive Orders about Immigration and DACA: How to Make People Mad.

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For your information.  Roberts is still protecting the Democrats/Obama.  Obamacare is another one whereby Roberts did a number on the American people and we haven’t forgiven him for that one.

I can remember when Bush I selected Roberts for the Supreme Court and everyone seemed pleased.  But, at that time we didn’t know that Bush I and his family were posing as Republicans.  Not until the Trump candidacy did the whole family (less one) come out of the closet and declare they were voting for Hillary, a Demorat.  Therefore, don’t plan on Roberts being on the conservative side.  He doesn’t follow the Constitution.


Untangle Immigration

Untangle Immigration began with a story about Japanese internment. That story will continue after exploring the current issue of the Supreme Court decision (announced today, June 18, 2020) regarding DACA.

The Supreme Court did not allow the current administration to rescind DACA protections for law-abiding immigrants brought to the U.S. as minors without documentation. I’d like to look at DACA protections more closely on another day, but first a word about executive orders and policies, in collaboration with my friend, Tiffany Carnefix:

In 2012, then-President Obama signed an executive order creating DACA. This order legally protected from deportation law-abiding people who were brought to the United States without documentation as children. Obama’s order made a lot of people angry because they thought the President shouldn’t have the power to take such an action.

After President Trump took over the Oval Office, he signed many executive orders and made policy changes…

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