When is enough going to be enough for the past? None of us were involved in the history of slavery and the present should move on and try to make the future better for everyone.

How would I present and fix the broken Democrat system? I would start with an even mixture of liberals/conservatives in the educational system for starters and kick out the UNION and start teaching instead of “baby sitting.” What we have today are these indoctrinated babies trying to run the country with no education.

The next step should be – it needs to start with a photo ID and finger print for voting purposes. Any civilized nation protects its Constitution, if they have one. And then, we all need to take an IQ test starting with first grade, six grade, and then the 12th grade to establish where we are in life. Wouldn’t you like to know where you stand with your education? If a person has not met a particular grade standard then give them outside help to get to that standard. Pushing them on only degrades the person.

The problem started with Bush I when he professed a “One World Order and wealth distribution system” was the future for the U.S. Ever since then everything in the U.S. has gone down hill in the government with the help of Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and then the real fall was Obama. Now look what we have been through since Obama came into office. He did nothing to improve the lives of blacks but immigrated Muslims (his ideology) and has done more damage than any of the others. Now to the rest of the truth.

The Democrats use slavery during every election cycle.

The blacks keep ragging about slavery and the Democrats keep using slavery as a wedge to get elected. Isn’t it time to review how the Democrats are tearing UP our country and vote every damn one of them out of office and try to clean up the mess they have made in Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Chicago, and on and on. The Democrats just don’t know how to run anything because of their law of nature which is looting, cheating, and stealing.

We all know the Democrats are still in the stages of the Obama coup.

We have to be honest in dealing with them. The ones who were involved in trying to over throw the government have to be punished. The thing that enters my mind is they continue to rag about equality and police brutality.

What does that mean – equality and police brutality? Appeasing someone is not equality and then you have police brutality – the statistics prove there are more crimes under the black on black banner and not the white on black so I won’t even go there.

A good example is the color of college sports and how whites have been discriminated against. How much more do you need to see. Look at the color of college sports, NFL, government workers and TV ads. Now they want even more – enough is never enough for someone who gets everything free. Under this banner the next step for them is “what are you gonna do for me next.” That is the stage we are in right now.

It has become embarrassing how the whites have gone over board to appease people of color. We have to understand – they are 13% of the population and they want 100% of the pie. Why are white people so damn afraid of being called a racists when the Democrats who are calling you a racist is one him or herself? You would think by now being called a racist would be like water running off a duck’s back since that has been the Democrats mantra from day one.

What is this all about? A senator called Kaine goes to a black church and promises blacks they are going to repay all of this by giving the blacks the “keys to the kingdom.” Why doesn’t that “yellow belly” Kaine explain why he did that?

It is time to be equal but fair. Haven’t we had enough of the Democrats and their continuing to encourage blacks to tear up their own communities – Ferguson and Baltimore are good examples. If they can’t take care of what they have, why should they be given more until they learn how to take care of what they do have? We are just spinning our wheels with the Democrats – nothing ever gets better.

Look at our corporations who continue to hand out checks as “pay off” to silence the Sharpton’s and the Jackson’s – haven’t we had enough of this payoff system. When will corporations learn enough will never be enough.

Now back to the farm.

Until the blacks help pull the load – they have no right to complain. Why don’t the blacks DEMAND from the Democrats for better teachers and teachers who will demand that all children are qualified before going to the next grade instead of socially promoting them? When they leave by being socially promoted, they can’t compete when they get into the working world and that is when things hit the fan. That is when the “kneeling” starts and the people start gripping – which is just an ideology to cause division. Plain and simple.

Reflect on the past on how the Democrats have not helped the blacks. Rather than continue to educate them – they “socially promote them.” Does that help – NO! When they get to college, they can’t compete. What do the Democrats do – they integrate all of the folks, dumb down all of the kids – dropped cursive – and here we are – starting with Prez Clinton and his modern math (four plus four can equal number you way) and condoms in schools (don’t forget the blue dress).

That is the problem with our country and Democrats. Everything they do is to lower the standard of living for everyone now – which is socialism. They have a stooge running on their ticket who should be retired because of his inability to be coherent and is a national disgrace. Why are they running Biden insisting on a black women candidate as the VP because they want to fulfill that white man’s, Senator Kaine, remarks made in that black church which was to appease the blacks and get their votes which is an old trick they play every four years.

We can review all of the states and cities who are run by Democrats and see exactly what would happen to our country if that happens. We have to continue educating all folks and being sure that everyone gets a cut of the pie. Our American system is being hurt by the UNIONS not by the black or white folks.

It is time to “see the writing on the walls” and DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN CONTINUING TO APPEASE THE BLACKS with a payoff.

Will we ever learn that appeasing anyone only causes more harm to all of us not just some of us.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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