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What a hoot:

The true symbol of the Democrat  Empire is Eugene “Robinson” crusoe,  who is stereotypical and somewhat hostile with racial characteristics: “He is the true prototype of the true Obama  colonist.  He knows everything – ask him – he will tell you that he does.”

Eventually, if I had to make a bet – the killing of Floyd was a set- up perpetuated by the Democrats as the step after the coronavirus was fading in the sunset and the Democrats keep trying to keep everything locked down. Another question is are these fake actor protesters in Seattle  now standing in the way of the Democrats or are they a part of the Democrats’ scene?

Just more Obama/Pelosi/Schumer lies? While Senator Kaine is waiting in the wings since he promised that black church that the Democrats are gonna punish white people by putting them in charge and that my dear folks is why Biden is the crazy UNCLE  on the ticket. Time will tell!

We just laugh and we laugh – those Democrats continue to be air heads. Would someone check at least one of them for their IQ?

And then you have – Pelosi – when is AOC going to put her in the closet?

Any one who votes for any Democrat knowing what they are doing to this country has to be one of them.


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Liberals are beginning to swagger around like the 2020 election is already over. Eugene Robinson atThe Washington Postexclaimed the Trump re-election campaign is “beginning to look like the Titanic.” Joe Biden should be preparing his inauguration remarks.

One reason for this arrogance is the absolutely punishing media coverage of Trump. The coronavirus pandemic did what some might think was impossible – make Trump coverage even more negative.Rich Noyes of the Media Research Centerfound from March 4 (when Joe Biden basically wrapped up the Democratic nomination) through May 31, Trump’s coverage on the evening newscasts of ABC, CBS and NBC was 94 percent negative. In May, it was99.5 percent negative, an all-time low.

There were 474 evaluative comments about President Trump during this period , and 445 were negative. By contrast, there were only 85 evaluations of Biden in the same time frame, and 51 were…

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