KOMMONSENTSJANE – Anger Games, Night 10 – Economic Rebound Antithetical To The Class Warfare Plan… — The Last Refuge

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Why aren’t these BLM/Antifa marching on Hollywood/Obama/Pelosi/Soros  – they are the ones who made all of this hell for them – Dem’s/Obama for eight years – not the towns you all are tearing up. March in front of their neighborhoods.

Your punishing the wrong people – your own neighbors.


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The media apoplexy to the stunningly positive economic news is directly related to how much damage a positive economy does to the Antifa/BLM strategy to divide the nation through class warfare.  A thriving Main Street economy is antithetical to the objective.

A thriving Main Street means an expanding U.S. middle-class.  As the middle-class expands it becomes more difficult to organize outrage based on division.

Part of the reason why limo-liberal elites have been successful politicians through the years is the outcome of their economic policy inherently creates a wider gap between the haves and have-nots.  This divide allows politicians to control apportioning.

Exploiting the gap, essentially exploiting class warfare as a political strategy, is the fuel that drives identity politics. Ergo all progressive economic policies, the offshoring of jobs; the policies that support Wall Street and globalism etc; are designed to weaken the U.S. middle-class while making rich people more…

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