The radical Democrats/Obama/Pelosi/Schumer and Soros are jumping with joy watching their agenda, the coup continues to unfold:

Have you heard any of them condemn the Antifa crowd which is an arm of the Democratic Party ?

When 70% of the people who get arrested are black, in cities where 70% of the population is black, that is not racial profiling; it is the Law of Probability.

Now that we have established the ground rules, lets talk about “taking the knee” beef and education in the U.S.. and the ills caused by our life-long politicians who think they own us.

The phrase, take a knee. describes the action of bending down on one knee in order to publicly protest about something, usually in a situation where other people are standing so that your lowered position is particularly attention-grabbing.

In my realm of thinking, I am having a hard time wrapping my thoughts around why these protesters, most of them in the million dollar bracket, don’t help their neighborhoods with their big dollars; but, always attack our Constitution and rag on our flag?

Remember our Constitution, our Lady Liberty, and our flag don’t have a voice.

Drew Brees wrote a lengthy apology posted on Instagram Thursday morning after telling Yahoo “I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country” when asked about NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

There were people who disagreed with Bree’s and wanted an apology. Why is it Bree’s doesn’t have a right to say what he thinks but others have a right to “split hairs with Brees?” Why the apology? Whatever grievances these people have need to be brought forward and not just statements made with no further action. Let’s solve the problem, folks. What’s the beef? Let’s see them on paper.

The main reason for these attacks is the people who take this knee were not educated in the direction of freedom and attaching a love for our country. They have been “socially promoted” to each level without any formal education – the three R’s. So here we are – without the three R’s and being taught everything should be free – without their help?

All of the politicians who have “gone along to get along” have only helped those who are trying to wreck the U.S. and OUR LADY. When I hear a person say they are a RINO, it tells me they are only troublemakers who are trying to upset the system and not trying to make solid decisions to keep our country stable. The bulk of these people have been in politics for over 30 years and do not have the Constitution or the Bill of Rights in their sight – only the amount of money they have put aside for themselves which doesn’t belong to them. We have to change this by voting for people who believe in the values of the U.S..

Any person is allowed the freedom to march on any street in this country and express their feelings, except, when they cross the line in destroying people’s businesses and property. Colleges have “safe spaces.” Why aren’t safe spaces set up for these protesters?

Why is it the flag of the U.S. they always attack which is represented by lady liberty? A lady who has no voice. Isn’t this time to rethink this? It is the people who have been brought into this country who have not been assimilated in the values of this country. They want the benefits but not the responsibility of being a citizen in the U.S. – We do not the want them bringing their old country’s baggage which they brought with them.

The biggest problem is that for years we celebrated our country’s freedom by reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance” and patriotism was taught in schools. But, that all changed when Obama stated that our country was “no longer a Christian nation” and continued making changes in our government’s policy in that order. Is that really so, just because he proclaimed that? No!

Therefore, the “take a knee” crowd is working on that assumption and have not received the information of what made our country and as young children have not been taught because our schools have been run by a Teachers’ union who is promoting SOCIALISM.

Why hasn’t this been challenged since it is taxpayer money which supports these teachers or better still why haven’t the teachers themselves made any noise about what was happening to our children. And then you have the colleges whose liberal professors have done the same thing and have failed those who disagreed with them.

In the end, our children left school without the proper education to compete in the working world. The government’s plan was to dumb down everyone instead of raising up those who were not keeping up. Reading, writing, and arithmetic were extinct. So, what were they taught – SOCIALISM, under the guise of education.

At this point in time, and, and reflecting on history. The history of blacks started with slaves who were brought to the U.S. and were privately owned. The generations after that changed and progressed into the society of today and something none of us were a part of; but, it seems the Democratic Party continues to use the blacks as a lightening rod to further reduce our country in stature.

For some reason, the present Democratic Party lead by rich Pelosi/Schumer want to steer the country into SOCIALISM which has never/ever been successful for those countries who have gone that route due to the lack of freedom and always turns into a dictatorship.

Undoubtedly, the “take a knee crowd” can’t see the forest for the trees. It is time for this crowd to be challenged – WHAT IS THE BEEF? If you have a declared beef – then you must put it in writing to the proper authorities and work thru it and not just make statements to others with no follow up and results in a hill of beans. It has gotten to the point that it “doesn’t mean anything when people take a knee.” Why, because there are no formal proposals made to help correct this – if there is a wrong?

We must make these “take a knee” folks accountable for the statement in order to make progress – not a tool to be used for continued agitation. Or is this what they want – just a poke in the public’s eye to create division – at their convenience?

All people are given an opportunity to “make it” in society and if they lag behind trying to be a “token,” that is when progress is halted. Not everyone can be a token and are then left behind and disgruntled. The opportunities are there – but you have to work for it and – then there are those who want it given to them. No matter what color – first, get an education which is up to you as an individual, and, after that, it is called market competition. Always remember, whatever happens in life always falls in the lane of what decisions YOU make; and. always remember – for starters – LIFE IS NOT FAIR – which applies to everyone, even the rich. That’s just the way it is – like it or not!

In the end,

This division started in high gear during the Obama administration which was part of his/their agenda to tear up the country and not bridge society into a workable solution. All of this was done in concert with George Soros’ money whose sole purposes was to go from country to country making his millions by disrupting society. Soros was a Jew who collaborated with the Germans during WWII. Therefore, he became a Nazi. We must hold Soros/Obama/Holder/Pelosi accountable for the coup and the crimes they committed.

We must remember – don’t rely on the Democrats to help the black people – history has proven they have used the black people to further their own agenda.

It is time for blacks to think for themselves and make their own decisions because it is their individual future that is at stake.

May God Bless all of you who are legal protesters, the George Floyd’s family during this time of grief, and the President who continues to be hit below the belt at a time in our country when he needs help by everyone whether you like him or not. It is the coup Democrats who are out of line – not the president. It’s the country and the Constitution he is trying to save.

If you don’t like freedom, go to Cuba. They can satisfy your needs and if you don’t like it there, you can always come back to the U.S. who is always – all forgiving.


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