It is my understanding in order to have a parade you have to have a permit.

So, why don’t these protesters/rioters have to have a permit by name and group name?

Also, a new policy needs to be established which takes these parades and protesters/rioters to an area away from the business communities. You have to keep the city businesses and citizens who live in the city safe – that is not happening.

Why not establish an area outside of the city for the routes for these occurrences?

Why would the city officials put their cities in danger as being shown on TV? The cities are Democrat cities which are led by Democrats where the looting and fires are happening. Why is that – is it due to lack of leadership? Or, is it deliberate destruction?

This should tell the folks who vote for them that they are not qualified to run any city position – from dog catcher to governor of the state since they can’t handle the situation and won’t call for assistance because they are Democrats and want the cities destroyed to appease Obama/Pelosi Democrat radical crowd.

The Democrat’s through Soros’ money is sponsoring Black Lives Matters and Antifa groups and Soros/Obama/Pelosi are laughing and laughing while Americans are suffering. It is time to shut down Soros and his money who own the Democratic Party.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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