KOMMONSENTSJANE – I can pan(dem)ic better than you can!

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Google your “blocks” game is old hat.  I learned that in elementary.  Grow up.  Block is just to keep changing the game.


Yes, Dem’s can lock up people faster because they have no compassion. A good example was the set-up by the Dem’s on the cop killing by pressing on the guy’s throat.

Since the Dem’s couldn’t keep the economy shut down and people were returning to work the next step was this killing in order to start race riots and try to slow down the economy. Democrat governors slow on the draw on squelching the riots which was part of the continuation of the coup.  Plain and simple.


Steve Prestegard.com: The Presteblog

Matt Margolis:

Joe Biden has proven that he’s not above politicizing the coronavirus on multiple occasions. On Sunday, he doubled down on his politicization of the outbreak in an op-ed credited to him that was published on CNN, which claims that the country would be better equipped to handle outbreaks under a Biden presidency.

“No President can promise to prevent future outbreaks. But I can promise you that when I’m President, we will prepare better, respond better, and recover better,” the op-ed reads.

Here’s why that’s a bunch of malarkey.

Biden claimed that “Our government’s ability to respond effectively has been undermined by the hollowing-out of our agencies and the disparagement of science.” This is a regurgitation of an allegation he made last month when he said the Obama administration increased the budgets of the CDC and NIH, but that Trump cut the funding for these agencies. This…

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