KOMMONSENTSJANE – What You Need to Know about the Heads of Social Media and Big Tech

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Yes, the tech companies are guilty as charged. They pick and choose what is published and it needs to stop.

They take our money but don’t like our words.

While we are at it – we also need to stop bringing in foreigners (H1B’s) who do not have our values. It is very evident in the tech companies they do not like to hire American college graduates and push Congress to hire these foreigners and that needs to stop. The majority of foreign countries’ hiring programs state any job has to be filled by a citizen before it is given to a foreigner. We have to take care of our own graduates first and quit bringing in these foreign troublemakers.


James Hirsen

untitled-5-6In an unprecedented move by the head honchos of social media, President Donald Trump had several posts on his Twitter account slapped with “fact check” disclaimer labels.

When internet companies were in their infancy back in the 1990s, Congress, via legislation, provided them with immunity from certain civil lawsuits in order to encourage the development of “platforms,” i.e., digital places for users to share user-created content.

Similar to bookstores that are not in the business of creating, editing, or publishing the material contained on the shelves of their stores, companies such as Twitter were granted special protection from lawsuits so that digital platforms that merely host media content created by third parties (their users) would be able to operate unhindered by the threat of legal action.

Companies with very large social media platforms have been acting as if they merely provide space for third parties to share, when…

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