Google is interfering with my blog – slowing down my typing speed and giving me blocks of words. They started a new system called BUILDING BLOCKS. Google is still back in elementary by trying to get us to build blocks. So funny – they keep reinventing the old stuff – building blocks.

Grow up Google – heavens forbid!

Now back to the real stuff.

Nice thing about the U.S. you can call yourself anything you want. This group calls themselves Republicans; but, they are really Republican has been’s. What happened was they drank the Obama kool-aide. So, here they are – still wastin’ their money on “junk-aide.”

Of all things they picked – they picked RACE to chew on.

Nothing new here – so let’s move on.


Anti-Trump Republican group attacks Trump on race in new ad


June 1, 2020

.The anti-Trump Republican group, The Lincoln Project, is planning to air a new attack ad blasting President Donald Trump’s record on race relations in the US.

The TV spot, backed by a $500,000 ad buy, will air in the key battleground states of Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan as well as in Washington, DC. The ad, entitled “Flag of Treason,” targets the support Trump has received from white nationalist groups.

One of the group’s previous ads delivered a blistering critique of Trump’s record on the coronavirus pandemic, playing off of Ronald Reagan’s iconic 1984 “Morning in America” reelection spot. The “Mourning in America” ad went viral, giving The Lincoln Project an infusion of funds.

The Lincoln Project is led by a high-profile team of anti-Trump Republicans, including John Weaver, Rick Wilson, Reed Galen and George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway. Former Mitt Romney strategist Stuart Stevens recently joined the group.


What’s wrong with this Conway lawyer guy, just trying to keep up with his famous wife, Kellyanne, who does such a good job for the American people?. Remember, behind most every man is a woman who keeps pushing with her husband to keep this country movin’ on. It takes two to tango.


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