A “new normal,” states Obama. Torching cities is not a new normal sport for them. Instead of calling for calm from him – we saw what the next step was.

Obama said he expressed “anguish” over Floyd’s death and said that racial discrimination is too “normal” for millions of Americans. He called on authorities to create a “new normal” where racial injustice would no longer be common. Did Obama mean “staged death by the state Democrats?” Watch each part of that video and the manner in which the officers reacted with every minute.

This is just the next step in the Obama/Schumer/Pelosi/Democrat coup. Until the guilty Democrats are arrested, starting at the top, this mayhem by them will not stop.

Watching the rioters on TV only brought to mind – would you give your 12 or 21-year-old the keys to your new car if he/she didn’t know to drive or use their common sense – drive it into a riot area?

This is what is happening in our cities – Minneapolis, New York, etc. The mayors and governors are following the orders from the top of the dirty-dog heap, Obama Democrats. They had orders to keep the cities closed to hurt the economy and when the citizens went around them and opened their businesses, these dogs staged a police deliberate death and delayed the arrest to heat up the kitchen for riots.

Where are all of the parents of these young people we see on TV? If you are a parent of one of these – you need to call them out for civil disobedience. They are your responsibility. When these young people are arrested, the destruction bill should be sent to their parents.

Now that we have that score tagged, let’s talk about riots. Riots are allowed due to our Constitution of freedom of speech and gathering. Okay, now that we have established that fact, let’s talk about the riots. As I stated earlier you wouldn’t give your child the keys to your car who knows nothing about driving a car so why would the city allow these rioters into the heart of the city or any part of it to torch and destroy it?

It is time to think about how we can master the two – freedom and rioters. Why do the rioters destroy for starters – what is the Democrat city/state mayors and governors state – “let them blow off steam at the expense of the taxpayer by torching the cities and police cars, etc.

My suggestion is – the young people continue talking about “safe spaces and that sounds like a good thing. Let’s set up a perimeter for these riots. Let the city set up an area which is fenced in like a sports stadium away from the city for them to conduct these riots. Who knows, later, we could sell tickets to these riots and let the parents watch while these rioters have their say.

How much stupidity is it to allow these rioters to enter any city and allow them to conduct mayhem while we are watching it on TV. Again, set up a rioters area. And, by the way, why are the police driving their cars into these areas and allowing the cars to be torched. You wouldn’t drive your own car into this type of area. Bus these police into the area in the heavy duty “bus” like equipment which are like a tank. And better still, why would a police person set in his car in this area – waiting to be attacked – as we saw this woman throw a molotov cocktail into his car?

It is time to “make a difference” by handling this “new sport” in a different manner by meeting them on equal terms. Only allow them to have a specific place set up for this mayhem where they can’t tear up the cities. Then let’s see how many are BUSED IN.



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