We all have seen the video showing the white officer with his knee holding down a black man who was handcuffed. This is not the first time this has happened and should be on the front burner with switft justice.

There is no reason any person should be treated in this manner – especially with the other officers standing around and not doing their job – which was to pull the officer off the ground person since the kneeing officer was out of control. Don’t they teach this in their training?

Sure the police persons were fired. Now it is up to the chief to have a hearing and proceed with a case against these officers to show the public that they stand as well for the victim.

Then, and then, as usual, you have people in the audience who think they can take advantage of a dire situation and loot.

Something, I don’t under is how do the people in that community think, if they have any common sense, that looting stores, Target and burning down Auto Zone, is part of the after fact action while photos are being taken of the looters in and out the stores.

Looters Raid Target Store Near Minneapolis in Midst of ‘George Floyd Protests’ – Steal TVs, Clothes, Groceries – No Police Around!

The history of why people are not being arrested for looting, plus other crimes.

Is all of this part of Democrat Eric Holders’ police action to continue to tear up communities?


Eric Holder was the most corrupt Attorney General in US history.

Holder was held in both criminal and civil contempt over his failure to turn over documents related to the “Fast and Furious” scandal.

In December of 2010, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by drug smugglers from Mexico who used firearms given to them by US feds in what was revealed to be Eric Holder’s “Fast and Furious” operation.

Soros Gives Holder $Million$ to Flip Districts to More Favorable for Democrats which were attorney general positions and now we see no arrests for looting in most states and other crimes.

The National Democratic Redistricting Committee has prepared a well-funded effort to wrest the control of state congressional maps from Republicans.

Former President Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder head the group, which has managed to collect $52 million in donations since its inception three years ago and $17 million in 2019 alone, Politico reported.

At least $2.6 million of its intake in the 2018 election cycle—nearly a fifth of what it raised—came from George Soros, according to the Center for Responsive Politics’s analysis

Now you see the rest of the story – all of this corruption in action because the looters know they are not going to be arrested.

One doesn’t equal the other – but all of this continues to be a part of the Democrat history of leading blacks down the path of no return because the black vote is all they want. The arrogance of the Democrats is – they own the black vote. Now the Democratic Party will continue to inflame this horrific killing of a black man who can’t prove his innocence..

All of us want JUSTICE.

After further thought – was this a set-up by the Democrats to cause further division in our country? Has this same thing happened before an election? What was so strange – was the complacency of the other officers while this was going on? Even while watching it happen over and over – a human’s reaction would be – why aren’t the other officers reacting and pulling the officer off of the person?


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