Democrats keeping bitchin’ about climate change. We can do that to accommodate them. Let’s give the Democrats “climate change” in the 2020 election by voting all of those suckers out.

As I stated earlier, the citizens and President Trump are not members of the BIG CLUB. The road to success is getting rid of the BIG CLUB and making our representatives work in their jobs. Right now, they are making money above their salaries from these lobbyists and in return the reps are, too. It is time to take “these odd man lobbyists out” by electing reps who have enough intellect to write these bills. This is what the problem is “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.”

Make them work for their pay like we do. Just think, all they do is PRESS A BUTTON AND VOTE OR SHOUT OUT – YEAH OR NAY. Even a blind man could do that. That is why we have so many idiot Democrats slinking around the Halls of Congress. Just think, they don’t even know or read what is in those kinky bills. They all have “booby” traps to give the Democrats an advantage to give away and get a cut of the money.

Don’t forget in the 2020 election, all of us have to keep harping about having a photo ID with a finger print. We have one now with our driver’s license. The Democrats keep saying not everyone has one. That is true; but, they have identification to receive their social security, cash a check or buy beer. So, here we go!

U.S. Government ID: U.S. Government ID may be federal-, state-, or tribal-issued. You may provide the following: ◦Identification card issued by a federally or state-recognized tribal nation (tribal identification card).
◦U.S. certificate of citizenship or naturalization.
◦U.S. permanent resident or other identification card issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
◦Uniformed Service ID card.
◦U.S. Armed Forces card.
◦Non-driver’s identification card.
◦State-issued driver’s license.

•Matricula Consular (Mexico)
•NEXUS (Canada)
•Corporate Identification
•U.S. University Identification


Right now the government employees are getting full pay and benefits while the citizens are receiving a pittance from the government – and Democrat states are still being locked up due to the Governor’s ignorance. In the governors re-election – just vote that sucker out. Plain and simple.

Democrats keep telling us this is a good chance for us to “re-invent the wheel.” Good thinking on their part – except for one factor which is they want socialism. They know that socialism doesn’t work; but, all they want is to get their hands in our pockets and “molest” us some more – by looting all of the till which has been happening in slow motion since Bush I.

The coronavirus was the latest attempt to take everything we have worked and saved for.

This is nothing but highway robbery and is causing the corruption within our government. It is time for AG Barr to make arrests and clear the air. We know it went all of the way to the top of the government during Obama’s time.

The Democrats like “climate change.” So, let’s give it to them 100%. If we don’t clear the deck of the Democratic Party, our institution of government won’t be worth a flip. The whole damn bunch was involved in this coup. Call it for what it is. Let’s hear some noise from the people. Tell your rep – TO insist that we have no harvesting of ballots. If you can’t make it to the polls, vote early in person.

It is time for CLIMATE CHANGE – arrest all of those who committed crimes against our country during and before the coup. Evidence is clear!


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