KOMMONSENTSJANE – Help Restore Journalism from the Era of Fake News. All roads lead to Obama!

All roads lead to Obama!

The following is where the real news is and the fake news is missing out on the real news.

The corporate media machine has overstepped its responsibility.

Articles are no longer judged by the quality of facts and mastery of grammar, rather, they are judged by the number of “likes” and “hits”. The media went from reporting and editorializing to publishing activist-based stories with the purpose of virtue signaling, changing policy … and bringing down a sitting president. These are the career making stories that benefit the author but not the country.

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Since the day President Trump took office the media has focused, with laser like precision, on “Russia Gate”. For nearly three years, the Trump Administration has been embroiled in a media manufactured hoax. The press went from reporting news to creating narratives and the consequences have been dire.

It is up to great Americans like you friend to support real journalistic efforts during these extreme times.

Stories planted in “reputable” newspapers appear as evidence in Mueller’s “Report on The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election”. Special Counsel Mueller’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee prompted Debbie Lesko (R- AZ) to comment:

I’ve got to say it looks like Volume 2 is mostly regurgitated press stories. Honestly, there’s almost nothing in Volume 2 that I couldn’t already hear or know simply by having a $50 cable news subscription.

However, your investigation cost American taxpayers $25 million. Mr. Mueller, you cited media reports nearly 200 times in your report then in a footnote, a small footnote, number 7, page 15 of Volume 2 of your report you wrote. I quote, “this section summarizes and cites various news stories not for the truth of the information contained in the stories but rather to place Candidate Trump’s response to those stories in context.

Reporters should be detectives on a relentless mission to uncover truth and less concerned about political and career gains. Brit Hume articulated the current atmosphere of journalism well in a March appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Carlson asks Hume why reporters don’t call themselves activists.

Hume responds,
Watergate really is a factor here. Because at that moment, which is the most exciting moment, the most extraordinary moment in modern journalistic history of the United States. You have these two young reporters that were seen as bringing down a president of the United States. You know we had all been told that the fourth estate was powerful and so forth, but none of us had ever seen anything like this.

This was truly remarkable. It was glamorous they were celebrated in movies. They were subject to endless books and so on. And, it created an atmosphere where I think journalists want to relive that.

Of course, Hume is right. Everybody wants to be seen as the hero taking down a goliath. The press despises Trump more than Nixon. They want to be seen as the honorable institution that places societal progress before themselves. Yet, the opposite is true. True heroes are made pursuing truth— not glory.

FreePressers dedicates itself to the honest reporting not virtue signaling. Support FreePressers’ efforts to “spotlight the top news of the day that the ‘Mainstream Media’ missed or buried”.

Your contribution will aid the reporting and curation from lesser known, yet valuable sources. Fight the mainstream orthodoxy and donate today!

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