KOMMONSENTSJANE – Its a Big Club…and WE aren’t in it.

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Please excuse the “salty” language in the video.

Afraid this is true; but, we need the Convention of States to put some rules on the road.

A definite length of years to be in office.

It should be against the law to purchase the bills. If the elected person doesn’t write it – they can’t use it and they should be fined if they buy the legislation. We don’t need a middle person.

Lobbyists should be outlawed. The elected officials are just lazy or don’t have the intellect to write the bills; and, if that is the case, they don’t need to hold the office. These officials have too much time on their hands to be corrupt since all they do is wait and wait to vote.

Either get rid of the lobbyists or the middle man – the congress person. We don’t need both.


Lobbyists for Citizens

stop corruption image

(LFC Comments:  Prepare to be shocked…. We have always wondered how politicians can end up so very rich.  Now we know how it happens.  So what do we do about the corruption? If we keep electing the same type of people, or recycling lifelong politicians to our State and Federal offices, NOTHING will change.  )


The Key Reason DC Hates President Trump – It’s a Big Club, and He Ain’t in It…

Something 99% of American voters do not understand.  Congress doesn’t actually write legislation. The last item of legislation written by congress was sometime around the mid 1990’s. Modern legislation is sub-contracted to a segment of operations in DC known as K-Street.  That’s where the lobbyists reside.

Lobbyists write the laws; congress sells the laws; lobbyists then pay congress commissions for passing their laws. That’s the modern legislative business…

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