China has stolen us blind and the Democrats are still locking horns with President Trump by siding with the Chinese. What will it take for the Democrats to realize that China “IS” up to NO GOOD? What will wake up the Democrats – when the Chinese put them in prison?

This is what American companies/politicians get for thinking China was our friend. Did all of those politicians, who thought helping China, a communist countries run by dictators and sending our good money and companies all over the world and making our country poor would end in good faith – a communist country? Now, it is your fault that the U.S. is in this mell of a hess. All of those politicians should be arrested and sent to prison. Look what they have done to the U.S.


Chinese State Media Threatens Country Will ‘Nuke Bomb’ US Companies In Retaliation For Sanctions

 True Daily Staff  May 18, 2020  News

Chinese state run media is now warning that the country may ‘nuke bomb’ US companies in retaliation for sanctions applied to Chinese entities by the Trump administration. As The Daily Mail reports:

The Chinese government may ‘nuke bomb’ US companies including Apple with relentless investigations as the Huawei trading row escalates.

Huge American companies that include Apple, Cisco and Qualcomm – all highly dependent on the Chinese market – could be added to China‘s ‘unreliable entity’ list…

The countermeasures come in retaliation to the Trump administration’s plans to crack down on shipping critical electronics to Huawei.

China will ‘launch rounds of endless investigations on those firms, just like swords hanging over their head’ that ‘will dampen investors’ confidence and squeeze their income in the Chinese market’, the source added.

It seems that China has now set its sights on destroying the US economy, or has that been the real plan all along?


You got that right – both of them! It is time to use that same threat on their people in the U.S. or better still – send all of the Chinese back to China from the U.S. That will “curl some toes.”


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