Kamala Harris:’After We Impeach, We Round Up The Trump Supporters’

Why doesn’t Kamalla Harris call herself African American – because she “ain’t.” The other person who really wants to be picked for VP and is publicly auditioning for the position is – the irrational Stacey Abrams. Just think, she still tells us she is the Governor of Georgia and has not conceded that election. Now, I would call that person “a wreck on the highway.”


Def-Con News – The Definitely Conservative News Network

May 19, 2020

Joe Biden May Pick Kamala Harris For VP To Prove How Black He Is

When Joe Biden started his presidential campaign, he tried to convince people he was a working class slob but nobody bought it. He then briefly tried to get people to believe he was gay and again this failed to catch on. Running through the democratic party’s special interest group voting blocs, Biden is now pretending he’s black and may pick Kamala Harris to be his VP. If that doesn’t work out, Biden will almost certainly be a transgendered illegal alien for next month’s Iowa caucuses.

Biden did an interview with the Sacramento Bee. The guy doing the interview is named Bryan Anderson, which is like my name only spelled incorrectly. Had I done the interview there would have been more questions about his son Hunter and a brief geography quiz.

Biden was asked about the fact that no people of color qualified for the latest democratic party debate and this is what came out of his mouth:

“Well, you know, I wish more people were on the debate stage. The fact is that, if you notice, I get more support from black and brown constituents than anybody in this race. That’s where I come from. I come from the African-American community. That’s my base. We’re the eighth largest black population in the United States in my state. That’s how I got started,” said Biden.

So Biden not only comes from the black community, that’s how he got started? He’s claiming, like Steve Martin in The Jerk, that he was “born a poor black child.”

This isn’t the first time Biden has claimed to be black. Back in November when people of color were still allowed on the debate stage, Biden told Cory Booker “I come out of the black community.” Biden then proudly announced he had the endorsement of a “Blafrican woman.”

And speaking of “Blafrican women” Joe “The Soul Brother” Biden is willing to prove his black community ties by picking women of color to be his running mate. When asked if he would consider Kamala Harris for a position in his never-gonna-happen administration, he was receptive.

“What positions would you consider (Kamala Harris) for under your presidency?” Bryan Anderson asked.

“Anything she’d be interested in,” replied Biden.

“Including vice president?”

“She’s qualified to be president, and I’d consider her for anything that she would be interested in,” said Biden.

Well, clearly Kamala Harris is not qualified to be president, but neither is Crazy Joe. He does however think she’d be a keen VP.

To put this in perspective: an elderly white guy, pretending to be black, may pick a half-black woman, who black people don’t think is black, to be his running mate. I can’t really think of a more absurd or entertaining democratic party ticket than that. Actually, maybe if he picked Elizabeth Warren so they could have the culturally appropriating liars ticket of “Ghetto” Joe and “Reservation” Liz.

Because this is Joe Biden, his saying he would pick Kamala Harris as his running mate is colossal flip-flop. Just 2 weeks ago he said he wouldn’t commit to picking a woman of color for his VP because they are incompetent. Then again, maybe he hasn’t shifted his position so much as just plumb forgot was he said. He’s senile and full of crap. It’s not always easy to keep a consistent message when someone has those two problems.


Folks, this is our problem today with the Democratic Party. We have too many Democrats who are in the government who are as DUMB AS DIRT.

What is the job of a Representative in Congress – TO VOTE. They do not actually prepare and write the bills. They only vote on the bills. When Pelosi tells them what route they are going – they just open their mouths and state yeah or nay. That is the problem – they have no earthly idea what they are voting for.

Kamilla doesn’t call herself an African American. Instead, she calls herself black since hailing from the Caribbean.

American to hold that position), says. “She was A.G. when Black Lives Matter was taking hold and we were focussing on state brutality and state-sanctioned murder. She gave us silence.”

Among liberal voters, these incongruities can lead to a vague distrust (“I like her, but . . .”). Stearns, the consultant, dismissed concerns that voters might feel Harris was too hard on underprivileged people. “When you’re looking at twenty candidates and you’re deciding which one to vote for, and one of them is a very strong African-American woman who checks the box on a lot of issues you care about, you know, that seems like a pretty minor flaw,” he said. “If you really love somebody and they have a weird mole on their chin, it’s not like you’re going to say, ‘O.K., they’ve checked every other box, but I can’t get over that—see ya.’ ” So the truancy initiative is like a weird mole? I asked. He winced, and said, “I’ll definitely get a text from her about that.”

Her recent statement: kamilla harris statement that blacks should have a seat at the table because of the size of their numbers.

Google won’t let us copy the tab for all ethnic groups but the black percentage of blacks is 13.1 percent. So Kamilla Harris seems to have trouble with her math and her statement is a blatant lie.

Trust, but verify.


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