Trump Goes After Obama

Newser — Evann Gastaldo

President Trump on Thursday went after his predecessor, who responded with a single word: “Vote.” It went down like this:

•Trump: He’s been going after former President Obama, and on Thursday retweeted his own Wednesday tweet reading simply, “OBAMAGATE!”

•Obama: The former prez had his own one-word reply: “Vote.” The Hill reports he shared the message on Instagram and Facebook as well.


What’s it all about? The Michael Flynn controversy AND Obama using his lakies to spy on Trump and attempting a coup lead by Obama, a community organizer, which failed.

Three years of trying and $40 million taxpayer dollars and the Obama Democrats failed in their coup. Wonder how many people will vote for the Democrats in November?

How many chances do the Obama Democrats get – they kill and tear apart children body parts and sell them, the Russia,Russia investigation, the impeachment charade, and now the pandemic – Obama Democrats now trying to kill all of the old people so they can’t vote with a pandemic in cahoots with China/Bill Gates/W.H.O.

One of the old folks that I know made one wish – that was to see Obama go to prison or worse – before he leaves this earth. His words to Obama as Obama leaves for prison would be – “now you don’t get to vote.” And, when I get to heaven,I will be sure and send a tweet to the devil and put in a “good word” for Obama.


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