We all had hoped with the election in 2016 that the Obama Democrat corruption clouds hovering over D.C. would clear and open up to the goodness of the country after President Trump was elected.  We didn’t need any more clouds after the tumultuous eight years of Obama corruption.  We inherited a budget from the Democrats that doubled the debt of any prior administration – money which we didn’t have.

We have a rich Speaker Pelosi Congress who continues to fill her coffers with lobbyists money and spends the taxpayer’s money above the country’s means.  With the China coronavirus in play she is using it as a means to spend money we don’t have to cover her immigration/base rather than only to cover coronavirus venues.

When will they tackle our debt  and work within the means of the country?  D.C., regardless of who is in power, doesn’t ever seem to think the debt is a problem; and, now, with a staggering $24 trillion debt – Pelosi is wanting to add $3 trillion more to the debt.

How many years has the Congress been talking about tackling the debt regardless of who is in power but can’t seem to come up with the math solution.  The officials promise to solve every social economic ailment which has been in the mix every election period and the public expects them to settle down and fix them.  But, up to now, the law of probability has been deliberately set because the debt doesn’t seem to be any where  in their plans.  Do we think that sooner or later, by accident, something will be inserted by the lobbyists who conjure the laws and present them to the Congress, by mistake, and somebody will do something on the right side of the budget?

Pelosi’s Democrat rogue budget has to be rejected and placed on the track to ONLY help the coronavirus problems – not to take care of her immigration plans for the future which are against the citizens and for the illegals.

We all know that if it were left up to the people, we would have run all of the Democrats out of town three years ago.  But, it is hard when you have a swamp full of Obama judges who continue to pull the strings of that corrupt parachute like Judge Sullivan in the General Flynn case.  Flynn is the Democrats’ life line to continue their corruption.  When is Supreme Court Justice Roberts going to step in and clean up his courts in the U.S.  This Sullivan judge is just one of many who have dirtied up the courts – especially with his out of order ruling.  These judges are rotten to the core and continue to make law instead of ruling by the Constitution.

We have two good examples of rogue Obama black judges, recently.  One in Dallas, TX, who jailed a salon owner and the ruling was over turned by a higher court and now this D.C. Judge Sullivan ruling against General Flynn which is “out of order.”




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