What in the world?  What does this woman know about running the U.S.?  Does the fact she was hurtfully bused to school make her the candidate?  Is that the best the left can do?  What about a woman with some brains?


It Really Looks Like Kamala Harris Might Be Happening

Posted at 5:00 am on May 12, 2020

Red State

by Joe Cunningham

It appears as though someone out there thinks that Kamala Harris should be or is going to be Joe Biden’s choice for Vice President.

Last week, I went looking through the evidence and saw one of the tell-tale signs that Harris was at the top of the shortlist: Someone’s been cleaning up her Wikipedia page. It would make sense, because when that news breaks, the first thing most Americans will do is go check out her page to try and learn as much about her as possible. As a result, you have to make sure that information is as favorable as possible.

Since the last week or so of April, there have been nearly four hundred edits to her page, most by the same user. Some of it has been reverted today, with the reasons being that the information was mostly obtained from Harris’ press office and not objective sources.

curprev 14:41, 11 May 2020‎ Drmies talk contribs‎ 236,831 bytes -49,714‎ Reverted to revision 955068873 by GoingBatty: No, I’m reverting the lot. this is an absurdly long list of everything she’s done, mostly sourced to press releases from her office. this is not ok, and it turns an article into an unreadable list (TW) Tag: Undo
curprev 14:38, 11 May 2020‎ Drmies talk contribs‎ 286,545 bytes -4,784‎ Reverted to revision 955974614 by Jjj1238: All this is grossly excessive and excessively detailed, not to mention much of it has primary sources. we’re an encyclopedia, but not a comprehensive database of every single event (TW) Tag: Undo

That would suggest the edits are coming from inside Harris’ camp, rather than the Biden camp, but it also means someone in the Harris camp thinks she’s got it or has the best chance to get it.

It’s not just whoever that person is (or whoever those people are), though. Several media outlets have switched their favorable press over to Harris, suggesting they see the signs, too… or someone is feeding them the signs.

POLITICO has this piece, which has some key points but none too key as this segment here.

Biden and his family were stung by the June debate exchange over his record on school busing. The attack was particularly hurtful because of Harris’ bond with Biden’s late son Beau, also a one-time state attorney general.

But Biden and others close to him have come to view Harris’ debate knockdown as part of the rough and tumble of presidential campaigning.

Even before Harris ended her own campaign last year, aides said she and Biden were already stealing warm moments together. And friends of former second lady Jill Biden — who as recently as March described Harris’ attack as a “punch to the gut” — said they’ve mulled ways for her to telegraph that it wasn’t a deal breaker for the California senator’s chances, perhaps by sharing her posts on social media.

The bolded part here is key. This is in line with a quote that came out last week about Stacey Abrams, who has been laughably knocked out of the running. Reports last week indicated that Biden and his team wanted to take the approach from an “old school” perspective, meaning that he wants someone who has come up in government, paid their dues, and Abrams wasn’t it.

But Harris is. She’s won local and state elections and was a major contender in the primary. She has name recognition, and word is that she has been working on some of her weaknesses from the primary. They want her to hit the ground running when (or, I suppose “if”) she gets the nod.

Like POLITICO, the New York Times appears to think Harris is on the rise.

In several interviews, Ms. Harris has said she would be “honored” to serve with Mr. Biden, but there is no public campaign similar to that carried out by Stacey Abrams, the former candidate for governor in Georgia. There is no surrogate lobbying effort like the one for Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, which includes direct polling presentations. Instead, even people close to Mr. Biden — often bombarded with pleas from those vying to be his running mate — have remarked about how little they have heard from Ms. Harris and her allies.

Allies of Ms. Harris said she was taking the conventional, low-key route to being considered for vice president, rather than appearing to deliberately audition, with the hope that this approach more closely suits a traditionalist like Mr. Biden.

Here again, we see something that appeals to that “old school” approach Biden wants to take. Harris is clearly laying low and waiting for her record and past performance to speak for itself.

That could play to her advantage, but right now, it’s difficult to see what exactly she brings to the table for Biden other than being black and a woman. There are more progressive women without the law enforcement background that could help ensure his minority and progressive support. Likewise, there are more moderate women who are more capable of winning states in the midwest.

Still, there are people out there who think that she is the candidate, and the evidence suggests that she is still the front runner, doing so through her record rather than running a public or shadow campaign. Whatever the case is, we’re still months out from the usual selection time… though the Biden campaign might need a shot in the arm right about now.


Since she has “slept her way up the ladder” according to one past CA Governor who was her lover – has she passed that test with Biden?


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  1. Did wikipedia scrub her affair with SF Mayor Willie Brown, or her pot smoking when it was illegal? I personally don’t think she brings anything to the table other than she can speak better than Biden. But her laugh is like Hillary’s and her affect is not welcoming. Good luck with her.


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