KOMMONSENTSJANE – New World Order Acolyte Melinda Gates Appears On TODAY Show Pushing Hard For A Global Vaccine While Wearing An Upside-Down Cross — Now The End Begins.

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An upside down cross and contributing money to Planned Parenthood to slaughter babies is not a trust-worthy person.

Her mind is the same way “upside down.”  She is  no doctor and should not be trying to be one.

And to criticize our leaders during this pandemic rather than China who brought this to our shores tells you her mind is full of demons.

Surely, no priest would give her communion under those circumstances unless HE was paid off, too.

Shame, shame on her!

She is part of Obama’s groupies who are enemies of our state.


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Roman Catholic Melinda Gates in an interview on TODAY Show pushing hard for a global COVID-19 vaccine was wearing a bright and shiny upside-down cross around her neck.

Symbolism is very important to groups like the Illuminati, the New World Order and others, as they love to flash you signs of how much smarter they are than you and I are. They like to put their true agenda right in our faces, and dare us to figure it out. Take a quick trip to our Predictive Programmingsection, and you will see immediately what we’re talking about. All this brings us to an interview the TODAY Show did with Melinda Gates back on November 8th, where we see Melinda wearing an upside-down, or inverted, cross around her neck. Who likes to wear inverted crosses? Satanists, pagans, witches, warlocks, New Agers, most people in Hollywood…you get the idea.

“Christ hath

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