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Winston Churchill once said that a fanatic was someone who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject. That definition certainly fits the main players in the four-year farce aimed at preventing Donald Trump’s election, interfering in his transition, and then impeaching him on entirely spurious grounds.

This past week’s actions — the disclosure of the second “Mueller scope” letter, the Justice Department’s move to dismiss the charges against Gen. Michael Flynn, and the forced disclosure of 53 transcripts of interviews in Rep. Adam Schiff’s secret investigation of the “Russia collusion” nonsense — are important in their own right.

Moreover, these disclosures are important because, if we consider the timeline of the FBI’s and CIA’s abuses of power in 2016-2017, the Mueller investigation, and the Schiff effort to remove Trump, we see that one literally paved the way for the next despite their successive failures.

In that world, it…

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