How long has the fake news been prattling its fake news? Generations of people in the line of work called journalism have a hard time explaining – JUST WHAT IS FAKE NEWS.  It is deception or trying to mislead the public of facts that are true.

What is the definition of news?  Could it be – that news is something worth knowing that you didn’t know before?  In today’s world, how do we know the news we receive from the so-called experts are factually true.  In the past we accepted the news and usually did not question or re-examine from the people we considered experts in their field; but, now the news is as divided as our nation.

Look at the political stance of division which divides the nation.  The left takes words and figures and molds them into structured words to deceive us.  A good example is the coronavirus.  Have you ever seen such manipulation of words, numbers,  and sentences?  These fake stories can never be fully argued about.  They can only be picked at, discussed, and questioned – and then sent on their way since there is another fake story waiting to present itself.

In the end, the news has to be gathered, evaluated, and distributed.  Beyond that, we know there are happenings that will never appear on the front page and never will be the lead story for a particular reason whether it is personal or for political purposes.  This matters in the end because in some cases they are the sauce, the seasoning, or the flavoring which mixed with wars, economical happenings, and medical breakthroughs which fill up the front pages.

But what does all of this news mean.  In the end, it is all about life in America at this point in time and history will prove that the political left committed the worst crime against the people of the U.S. and it took years and millions and millions of the people’s money to solve the crime and for the people to be sorted out and adjudicated while the political left continued their coup opposition against the people and its duly-elected President.

Meanwhile the political left news continue with their fake news and do what they do best is prattle the fake news.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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