KOMMONSENTSJANE – Judge Orders Flynn’s Former Attorneys at Covington to Execute Another Search for Pertinent Documents.

The Gateway Pundit

“There’s No Doubt About It” – General Flynn’s Attorney Sidney Powell Claims Obama FBI and DOJ Officials Framed General Flynn (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft
Published April 28, 2020 at 5:01pm

On Tuesday General Flynn’s Attorney Sidney Powell joined Lou Dobbs to discuss the continued case against the former Trump National Security Advisor.
Sidney Powell opened up the interview by asserting that her client, General Michael Flynn, was framed by Barack Obama FBI and DOJ officials.

Sidney Powell: There’s no doubt about. August 15th Strzok and Page texted each other about the insurance policy they discussed in McCabe’s office. The very next day they opened the quote “investigation” on General Flynn. And the day after that as we just learned in the IG Report in December they sent an agent into what was supposed to be a trusted presidential briefing solely because General Flynn was going to be there and they wanted to collect information on him and gauge his mannerisms in the event they needed to interview him later, i.e. if Trump was elected to the presidency and Flynn ended up in the White House.

Lou Dobbs: …You’re just now receiving evidence and documents that some had told you didn’t exist and apparently no one else believed existed either.

Sidney Powell: Nobody but me, apparently. I’ve known for a long time they were hiding a number of things… They should have given us all those documents and there are more notes and emails that are in our sealed filing last Friday. The government has advised now they’re working with the FBI to make some redactions on those to protect the names of the guilty. Not their words but mine. And they should be able to give us tomorrow at the latest… The latest development today is that Covington, Flynn’s former law firm, produced to us an additional 17,500 pages from the Flynn file that were not produced back last August when they were certified that the entire file had been produced.

So Judge Sullivan just issued a blistering minute order that Covington go back and do another search of all of its Flynn files to make sure it has given us everything.

This was another remarkable interview by Sidney Powell.

General Flynn is blessed to have this courageous woman assisting him at this time.


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