Africa’s problem didn’t just start with the coronavirus.  “Instead of Coronavirus, the Hunger Will Kill Us.’ A Global Food Crisis Looms in other parts of the world.

It would seem to me that dictatorship is not the answer since all of the countries and cities run by this method always deteriorate.  Look at the U.S. – all cities run by Democrats are not run on a fiscal scale – they are always “out of money.”

With further thought –

Food shortage is a serious problem facing the world and is prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa. The scarcity of food is caused by economic, environmental and social factors, such as crop failure, overpopulation and poor government policies are the main cause of food scarcity in most countries.

Why is it “poor government policies” always appear in the mix.  If the government policies don’t work – nothing else will work.  Plain and simple.

It might be wise for the World Food Program Chief to check out the governments policies as the first rule of order to see where the “kink”  in the chain is and not blame the pandemic.  They might need some help to learn how to run their countries and keeping the corruption at bay.  When they ran out all of the people who knew how to run things – it seems that everything “went to hell in a hand basket.”

How many years has the UN been working this problem in that part of the word and it only keeps getting worse?  And, to think the UN wants One World Order and wealth distribution?  Heaven forbid!  Is it to steal more of the money donated to solve the food crisis in Africa.  It might work better if they clean house at the UN and make these people who claim they are in charge, responsible, –  which is “elected” instead of assigned to a position through corruption.

Something is wrong in that part of the world and I would bet their booty, that, management is the problem.   It seems that the money donated keeps going down that “dark” hole.

Why don’t they try “democracy” since what they are doing is not working?  Bet they never heard of that word.


World Food Program Chief Warns Of Famine Of ‘Biblical Proportions’ Due To Pandemic

True Daily Staff

April 22,  2020

The chief of the world food program is now warning that a famine of “biblical proportions” may be set to sweep the world due the the economic disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. As The Guardian reports:

The world is facing widespread famine “of biblical proportions” because of the coronavirus pandemic, the chief of the UN’s food relief agency has warned, with a short time to act before hundreds of millions starve.

More than 30 countries in the developing world could experience widespread famine, and in 10 of those countries there are already more than 1 million people on the brink of starvation, said David Beasley, executive director of the World Food Program.

“We are not talking about people going to bed hungry,” he told the Guardian in an interview. “We are talking about extreme conditions, emergency status – people literally marching to the brink of starvation. If we don’t get food to people, people will die.”

…But the Covid-19 pandemic, which no one could have foreseen, has “taken us to uncharted territory”, he said. “Now, my goodness, this is a perfect storm. We are looking at widespread famines of biblical proportions.”

With the world’s food supply system in chaos as farm and industrial workers staying home to avoid infection, the hundreds of thousands already dead from the virus may pale in comparison to the devastation wreaked by the lock-down’s economic effects.


Isn’t that what is planned by the One World Order and wealth distribution?



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