欲速则不达。 (Yù sù zé bùdá. ‘Desire speed but not attain.’) — Those who just want speed don’t succeed.

This saying from “The Analects of Confucius” teaches that patience and the right method achieves the right result, where trying to do the same thing too quickly (by cutting corners) does not. It’s similar to: “More haste, less speed.”


Recently, there was an article on the internet about an investment company in California who invested people’s retirement savings in the billions with a company in China.  If I were those people, I would be checking on the status of my funds.   Did they inform those people that their savings were in China?  Really.  Very scary!

The fact our government – starting with the Bush I/Clinton years – sent our jobs and companies outside of the U.S. and left us holding the bag  – should tell us what these knot heads have done to our country.

Recently information was released that this was done under a company,  McKinsey, who advised our leaders at the time that our companies could make more short term money overseas than in the U.S. due to lower wages – rather than the citizens paying more for products if they were made in the U.S. due to the higher wages.  This is how we find ourselves dependent on China for everything we buy in this country – retail goods, food, and our health goods.

Can you believe this, we allow one company’s advice to our politicians change our way of life right under our nose?  This should have been voted on by the people of the U.S. not these idiot politicians who were filling their own pockets at the time.

Well, it is time to let our politicians know – bring all manufacturing back home – plain and simple.  You have duped us long enough.


Tucker Takes On Former McKinsey Senior Partner

Tucker Carlson Tonight

China makes an awful lot of what we use — and by the way, a lot of what our military uses. They’d grown rich from selling it to us. That’s why, when we need to raise money in crisis — this crisis, for example — we sell our debt to China. If America goes bankrupt from the way our leaders have responded to this pandemic, and that could happen, it will likely be the Chinese who bail us out. They’re the only ones who can afford it.

All of this is real and horrifying. Most of us are just waking up to it now. How did it happen? How did the world’s richest democracy become dependent on a hostile foreign dictatorship? There are a lot of reasons, but here’s the main one: Our own leadership class allowed it to happen, sometimes in secret. They got rich in the process. Last night, we told you about a consulting firm called McKinsey and Company. Tonight, Tucker spoke with former McKinsey Senior Partner Peter Walker.





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