I do declare, what was Tucker and Brit Hume up to last night on Tucker’s Program.  At first, I thought my husband had changed stations.  Tucker was “puffin'” up Governor Cuomo as a replacement for Biden and stated, “just replace Biden with Cuomo” since Cuomo did such a good job during the worst of the coronavirus.  And bless, Pat, Hume agreed with him.   Surely, both of them know, that is not how the system works?  You don’t just  replace someone on TV – it’s above both of their pay grade.

For starters, Cuomo did nothing but whine for weeks – Trump didn’t do this nor did Trump do that.  Meanwhile Cuomo didn’t do “doodly squat” at first.   They hid so many of the medical supplies in warehouses – they really didn’t know what they had.  Wonder why they do that – hide stuff – is there an ulterior motive behind this – not having an accounting for what and where the state’s stuff is?

In the end they had plenty of medical supplies, even with all of the blather.  Some people just can’t handle a problem when it is of their own making – especially, when they spend medical supply money for frivolity.

But, going back to Tucker’s man-cave with Hume – wonder if they were paid for that “puffiness?”  They baked that whole Cuomo cake before the oven hit its baking time start of 350 degrees.  They both seemed to either be making fun of Cuomo or either they had a hard time saying those flowery things about Cuomo.

Sure would like for Tucker to draw us a picture of what that segment was all about.

In the meantime, Granny Hawkins tells us what that big talk is worth:



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