Today, Chris Wallace  a Democrat by trade, Fox News, is going to interview the coronavirus Democrat traitor, Nancy Pelosi.  It will be interesting to see how many tough questions he will ask her.

Why doesn’t he ask her:

-What was the purpose of the Obama Democrats over-throw of the government before and after the election of a duly-elected President?

– What was the purpose of the fake Russia Russia investigation?

– What was the purpose of the fake impeachment?

-Why doesn’t he ask her:  Were Schumer/Pelosi/Democrats involved in China’s attack on the world with the coronavirus?  Who gave the authority to  the U.S. National Institute (USNI) to give a 3.7 million dollar loan to the Wuhan Lab for this experiment  – bats linked to coronavirus – since Congress (Pelosi) has the power of the purse?   Pelosi or  Dr. Fauci should be able to answer that question?

-Are the Democrats trying to tank the economy by keeping the Democrat states’ economy closed and not allowing people to work and provide for their families?

If Wallace loves America then those are the questions he should ask.

If not, he is in on this Obama/Schumer/Pelosi coup in conjunction with China/Gates/Soros and the One World Order and wealth distribution.



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