Why?  China and this communist leader want to be the leader of the world.  Would you trust them?  Would you want this communist to lead the world?  After this is over,  we shall see!  Will he and others (?) go down  in history as murderers?

An investigation of the coronavirus mass murder on the world must be held and all of those involved must the held accountable. China must repay all of the countries for their costs.  Also lawsuits should be able to be filed to make people whole.

This cannot be swept under the rug.  We will see if the World Court does its job!

The most powerful man in China:  XI JINPING  became China’s leader for life, sparking fears the country was heading down a dangerous path to dictatorship.  That wasn’t enough.  He and others (?) want communist China to be the leader of the One World Order and wealth distribution within the confines of the United Nations (UN) whereby DEMOCRACY is eliminated.

This is evident in some of the states in the U.S. – California, New York, Illinois, and Michigan Democrat governors seek to use the path of dictatorship to corral the citizens during the pandemic in the U.S.  The citizens are protesting against their leadership.

After his communist nation people in China made him the leader for life –  his first major mistake was to enact war with the world by working in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO) to cause a pandemic called “coronavirus.

Were Schumer/Pelosi, Democrats, involved?  Who gave the authority to  the U.S. National Institute (USNI) to give a 3.7 million dollar loan to the Wuhan Lab for this experiment  – bats linked to coronavirus – since Congress (Pelosi) has the power of the purse?  Pelosi or  Dr. Fauci should be able to answer that question?

Throughout the USA, there is a great deal of anger about how the World Health Organization (WHO) has acted, essentially becoming the public relations agency for the Chinese concerning COVID-19. Praising the response of the Chinese to the pandemic, the WHO has made themselves complicit in the cover-up of what actually happened in Wuhan, China.

The Democrats/Pelosi  shut down the Congress/House and returned to their home districts after passing a bill to help the people limp through this “mass murder” and have not done anything to help the people except whine and showing up standing up by her high-price refrigerator eating ice cream and criticizing the President, governors,  and others –  who are trying to keep the government running.

The Schumer/Pelosi/Democrats have done nothing except try to disrupt the government by committing crimes with the coup and trying to remove the President from office since the inauguration.

Again, were Schumer/Pelosi a part of this mass murder of people?

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