Folks – Candace needs some help.  Please forward.

From: Candace Owens <news@gundynamics.com>

Subject: Left doesn’t want black people to think for themselves!



Fellow Conservative,

My name is Candace Owens, and until 2017, when I “came out” as a conservative, I was caught up in the lies that the Left was telling me. Lies they told me BECAUSE of my skin color.

And that’s why I started BLEXIT in 2018. The BLEXIT movement is an awakening of Black Americans, an exit from the Left who for too long has held us hostage to their policies and agendas – judging us by the color of our skin and making empty promises before each election.

The Left has told us we are victims, they have corrupted our families by taking fathers out of the home, supporting the abortion of more than 19 million black babies since 1973, and created division by telling us that all white people are racist.

But I believe something different. I believe that Black Americans deserve more. I believe that Black Americans deserve better.

Today, BLEXIT needs YOUR help to change that conversation. With BLEXIT, we are starting a conversation that encourages Black Americans to become free thinkers and launches us into a new age of world-changers. I genuinely believe that the luckiest Black Americans are the ones who get to live in American today.
I will always be inspired by my grandfather, Robert Owens Sr., who raised me. He grew up in the South during a time of real systemic racism, where he picked tobacco on a sharecropping farm.

After he retired, he went back to that sharecropping farm, bought it, and built a house on it.

If my grandfather, who experienced REAL racism can not only survive, but live the American Dream, so can we.

Will you become one of the first people to support this dream of reshaping Black America? Will you join me in rejecting the victim mentality and supporting the free exchange of ideas?

We are starting a rebellion, a Renaissance of world changers breaking free from the simulation of fear, and your help is vital to our mission. Please give your best gift of $5, $10, $25, $50 or even $100 right now while you have this email open!

I started BLEXIT to lead an exodus of Black Americans from the one-sided relationship they have with the Left and we’re making major progress.
We have a chance to do something incredible in 2020, and I’m asking for your help. The Left is going to fight tooth and nail to keep their grip on the black vote, and they know that our movement is gaining steam.

Please, help BLEXIT keep up the momentum with a generous, tax-deductible gift today!

Thank you,

Candace Owens

Support BLEXIT!





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