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The leader of China is a mass murderer.  Did this happen for that leader to become the One World Order and wealth distribution leader and were the Democrats/Pelosi/Schumer the accomplices with W.H.O. to put this coronavirus on the U.S.?  That needs to be cleared up.

If AG Barr would have shut down the Democrats/Obama/Schumer/Pelosi, et al – this would not have happened.

AG Barr could have put a temporary hold on “all Democrats” until the Obama/Democrat coup was cleared up instead of letting them conduct the Russia debacle, the impeachment hearings, and then the worst was the coronavirus put on the U.S.  So now – will Barr step up to the plate?


COMMON SENSE: Two days ago, I posted a blog entry titled, “COVID-19 Is China’s ‘Mass Murder’ Strategy for World Domination.” Now, this narrative is the hottest story in the world, as evidence of China’s willful negligence is being corroborated. All that remains to be determined is whether or not it was deliberate or simply fortuitous.
One thing is certain; the pandemic could have been and should have been stopped by the Chinese Communists, but it wasn’t. Instead, after they became aware of just how deadly COVID-19 could be, they curtailed air travel within China but allowed international travel to proceed as usual.
This is why there was no serious outbreak of COVID-19 in either Beijing or Shanghai, but there was a serious outbreak in New York and Italy, where regular flights continued on schedule. This means the Communist Chinese knew that a deadly disease would decimate our economy, as well…

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