KOMMONSENTSJANE – Senate Democrats Block GOP Proposal for Extra $250 Billion in Small Business Aid — The Daily Buzz

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When are the Democrats going to work?  Every time you turn around they are absent.  They haven’t worked continuously since Prez Trump was elected.  Their office doors are a swinging door.  What have they done except try to tear up the country and spend, SPEND, SPEND.  No work and all are paid month after month with nothing to show for their pay.

Why did Congress reject this bill to help small businesses? They helped the workers; and, that is good, – but – if you don’t have small businesses open the workers can’t go back to work? Is that the game plan for the Democrats to continue keeping the economy shuttered to hurt the country.  Pelosi is running around “like a chicken with her head cut off.”

The Democrats have caused  nothing but pain and suffering to our country and are still working the “coup” to take over the country. Their game plan is to empty the wallets of the citizenry and put themselves in charge under a One World Order.  Take a look as to how Democrat governors used Nazi tactics to control their population during the virus. You folks better wake up and think –  vote out every Democrat – down to the dog catcher. To think they wouldn’t allow the malaria drug to be  given – knowing it would help their people was over the top. Wise up, folks. That alone is telling you all you need to know.

First, the Democrats used abortion to kill people and chop them up and sold body parts in the U.S. – with no qualms – and the American people shut that down; and,  now  they are working with CHINA/W.H.O/Gates/Soros and have spread the virus all over the world and this is not the first time they have done this – remember SARS under Obama – that was a trial run for them.  The media failed miserably on SARS trying to protect Obama.

The question is – how did they spread the coronavirus  all over the world – in every nick and cranny?  We have to know that because it was intentional.  We have to keep asking and seeking an answer because they will do it again.

When and what  did Schumer/Pelosi know/learn about the coronavirus?  We need to know that because Pelosi immediately went on vacation for a week.  A smell of dirty feet is evident.


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked a Republican effort to unanimously pass legislation to add $250 billion to the government’s small business loan program aimed at helping companies devastated by the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) attempted to forward the bill by unanimous consent, but Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) opposed the move, […]

Senate Democrats Block GOP Proposal for Extra $250 Billion in Small Business Aid — The Daily Buzz

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