The President:

trump virus


As the subject line says “An Editorial.”

Just stop scrolling for a minute and look at this photo.

This is NOT a political post by any means. This is simply something that everyone should stop and think about.

Can you imagine the weight this man is feeling right now? I have two children that depend on me daily, yet on some days my anxiety is through the roof and I feel like the weight of the world is all on me. When he signed up for this role (without pay) he did it for us Americans. He didn’t do it for the fame or glory, he had all that. He was willing to take on whatever, but the magnitude of what we’re currently experiencing has got to be paralyzing. And to some, NOTHING he does is ever right or good enough.

Do you ever wonder how he must be dealing with it all? When his head finally hits the pillow at night after press conferences and meetings, constantly trying to defend himself and protect our country.


Does he break down and cry from all the pressure?
Is he scared and confused?
Is he even able to sleep?
Can he shut his mind off at all?
Or does he lay there and talk to God all night praying for strength and answers?

Whether he’s making you proud or not, look at this photo and ask God to soften your heart just a little bit and lift this man up in prayer. He needs them right now more than ever. He is carrying the weight of OUR country on his shoulders and I don’t think anybody could or would be doing a better job than he is.

Feel free to share this post and remind everyone to be kind and to pray for President Trump and for the entire world ❤️

trump with a mission

As always… if you don’t have anything nice to say, there’s NO NEED to comment, just keep scrolling.

This email has been checked for viruses by AVG antivirus software.

We pray, that the wicked in this country will be taken care of; and, we ask God to hold this brave man in the palm of his hands and help direct him in the direction of the Constitution which will save our nation.


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