KOMMONSENTSJANE – Fighting the Worldwide War on Death, by Israel Shamir.

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Are we falling victim to the cult of the left and drinking the kool-aid?

Fool me once (Russia investigation), shame on Pelosi; fool me twice (Trump impeachment), shame on Pelosi; and, fool me thrice (coronavirus – shame on Pelosi/ FBI Wray*.)




The governments fighting the Global War on Germs have not covered themselves in glory. from Israel Shamir at unz.com:

The seasonal madness overtook mankind. In years to pass, it will be remembered as a new Witch Hunt, but on a global scale. The Salem affair engulfed a small town in a remote British colony, while the Corona lockdown broke the back of the global economy, pauperised millions, imprisoned three billion people, caused uncounted suicides and misery. It could be compared with World War One, when the West at the peak of its historic achievement rushed towards its self-destruction for reasons so feeble that none of the contemporary actors was able to explain them convincingly.

The madness is fuelled by fear of death. Death, this normal occurrence for our ancestors, a peaceful transformation, when the discarded body is laid to rest in the churchyard after the soul has departed to…

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