KOMMONSENTSJANE – Coronavirus carnage: Taking stock of the long term cost to individual freedom.

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Just use your common sense and don’t panic.

If you are bound in a Democrat governor/ mayor’s state then watch before you leap to action. These people are exaggerating the dangers instead of using exactitude.

Did you hear the NY Governor Como rant – when the whole time he had plenty in warehouses in NY?  Another mayor who is over her head is the Michigan mayor who is throwing her lack of experience on the backs of others.  Why are some of these Democrat mayors like fish on the banks of rivers – just flopping around instead of using their common sense?

Nothing but Democrat hysteria .

Time to use your common sense.




Dear fellow Americans:

Hello from my government-mandated quarantine. I am in good health, not currently running a fever, although I have struggled to keep my cool as I reach for a shoe or some other blunt object to throw at the television.

I read in the local newspaper that my local county commission basically placed me under house arrest as of 8 a.m. this morning. They say I am allowed to go out and forage for food or seek medical attention. All other actions that yesterday would have been considered normal human activity will be questioned.

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