KOMMONSENTSANE – MAKING AMERICA SAFE AGAIN: Coronavirus Timeline Shows Mainstream Media & W.H.O. Endangered Lives, As President Trump Has Proven To Be Spot On In Protecting Our Nation & Americans.

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Evans News Report

By: Brian Evans

As the Pro-establishment Mainstream Media continue to try to politicize the Covid-19 Coronavirus to hurt the President by accusing him of mishandling the pandemic, all evidence proves quite the opposite!

In fact, the Trump campaign released the timeline of events, which show how their early engagement in the war on the Wuhan China coronavirus that originated in the Hubei Province was key! Ironically, those who are attacking the Administration and President Trump for their actions, are the same ones who called them racist!

However, what the Trump-hating left fails to even admit, is the fact that the real culprit of this global pandemic, which is the communist Chinese government, as they covered-up and lied about the virus, which caused a slow reaction to the impending pandemic in nations around the globe! In fact, reports have even indicated that the Chinese government threatened economic retribution to nations who…

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