This  MISS KNOW IT ALL – CBS reporter, Gayle King, is a side kick of Oprah/Obama’s and is just trying to stir her poop.  She needs to stick to what she knows and quit playing analyst or doctor.  Only reason she has her job is because of Oprah’s coat tail.  Typical democrat.

Nothing like beating on the country when they are the one (Democrats) who took the country down during Obama’s time in office.  When she beats up on the President – she is beating up on the people who elected him – which means she wasn’t one of the lucky ones who elected him.

Bet she got a pat on her butt for a good job when she got back home.


U.S. Surgeon General Rips into CBS Over “Worst-Case Scenarios” Coronavirus Misunderstanding

(PatrioticPost.Com)- United States Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams told the media to stop misleading the American people with their reporting of “worst-case scenarios” on Friday. During an episode of “This Morning” on CBS, Adams responded to an unfair attack on the president from co-host Gayle King.

King tore into the president for his lack of medical training, ignoring the fact that he is surrounded by medical experts every day.

“Dr. Adams, let’s talk about ventilators for just a second,” she said. “You know, doctors and nurses around the country are saying, ‘Hello, government, we need ventilators, we need ventilators now.’ But President Trump seems to have a different take on that. I want you to hear what he said last night and get your response to that.”

King then aired a video of the president saying that he didn’t believe hospitals need to stockpile “40,000 or 30,000 ventilators.”

“You know, you go in major hospitals, sometimes they’ll have two ventilators,” the president also said.

King then asked Dr. Adams whether the president has medical training, and why he “continues to question the advice” from experts.

She didn’t get the answer she wanted. Adams, a trained anesthesiologist, reminded the anchor that hospitals are basing their numbers off worst-case scenarios.

“Well, you mentioned ventilators, and Dr. Birx said this, when you look at some of the projections out there, they’re based on worst-case scenarios and doing something,” he replied. “I heard a reporter yelling at Peter Navarro yesterday, ‘Where is a million ventilators?’ A million ventilators for the United States would mean one in 300 people in this country were on a ventilator at once.”

Does that sound likely to you?

Adams continued schooling King, telling her that there is “nowhere in the world where we’ve seen that type of spread of coronavirus. Not even close.”

The Surgeon General then explained how the country is leaning into supply, making more ventilators, and ensuring that hospitals have what they need to deal with the crisis. He also announced that a further 70,000 ventilators sourced by the American Society of Anesthesiologists can be converted for us treating coronavirus patients.

Isn’t it funny when the media think they’ve got a “gotcha” moment but it turns out they’re the ones being dumb?

President Trump might not have had medical training, but the people who advise him have, and he makes decisions based on what they tell him!


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