KOMMONSENTSJANE – Coronavirus: Aristotle’s Balance


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Is this who we are dealing with – a bunch of snakes – Obama/Schumer/Pelosi/China/WHO/Gates?


For your information.

Are Democrats  still working the coup at this moment with the help of China, WHO, and Gates to influence the 2020 election?  The Democrats have something up their sleeve – so be careful – this group is at work in the devil’s kitchen.  Need to impeach Schumer/Pelosi now – because they are hurting our country.   Let me hear some noise in this regard.

A vote for any Democrat is a vote in favor of the Coronavirus.  They failed before and after the election by “peeping” into Trump’s campaign trying to take him down, that didn’t work – they attempted the Mueller investigation and failed, and then they attempted the impeachment to remove Prez Trump and they failed to remove him from office.  With all of those failures – they hit the extreme button by working with China.

As a last attempt, they are trying to kill the voters by throwing down this virus on the world and are killing two birds with one stone because the Dem’s are working with the One World Order and wealth distribution who want to reduce the population of the world.  Note they are saying this virus only kills OLD people.  How do they know that if they haven’t studied this virus?

In addition, they are using abortion as a means to reduce the population (they have KILLED 3.5 million babies from the last official count).  Can you imagine – the Democrats are picking on the more vulnerable and helpless?  They are now using Hitler’s tactics.

Still waiting for AG Barr to stop all of this by arresting the people who are conducting the coup and this would put the Pelosi/Schumer Democrats out of business.

Now let’s throw down our red line – no one votes for ANY DEMOCRAT.





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“If it saves even one life…”  This is a theme often trotted out by politicians and demagogues—I know: one in the same—to buttress unsupportable arguments.  Aristotle taught effective rhetoric should have a balance of ethos–ethics, logos–logic, and pathos—emotion.  Demagogues skip past the first two—they take too much work—and dive right into emotion.

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